America: A Nation of Hypocritical Bastards

Wherever there is a choice between a military dictatorship — like Pakistan — and a free government — like India — we support the dictator. And then wonder why everywhere we are denounced as hypocrites.”
– Gore Vidal, The State of the Union:1975[1]

Dear Kim Moon-shine,

Just as I was fretting over absence of any communications from you, my friends in the State Department called to inform me about sanctions imposed on top leaders of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.[2]

Of course, North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un and his minions are a menace to civilization.

What a shame, the people of North Korea have not been exposed to the blessings of Democracy, Freedom and the stirring words of the über-masochist Jesus Christ.

Kim, do not forget to keep a close watch on the American assassins who love nothing more than snuffing out lives of “disobedient” foreign leaders.

It’s an open secret the CIA tried several times to murder Cuban hero Fidel Castro.

America has midwifed the deaths of several leaders including Salvador Allende, Omar Torrijos, Kwame Nkrumah and Che Guevara because they dared to say, “No” to these butchers.

You’re definitely at the top of the American takedown list now.

Record Hypocrisy

I couldn’t agree more with your complaint about the hypocrisy of the Obama administration vis-a-vis the Democratic People’s Republic of Livia.

It’s not just the Obama administration that’s hypocritical to the core. Obama’s predecessors and successors have been no different.

Hypocrisy has been an inalienable part of America since this inglorious nation’s ill-begotten birth in the late eighteenth century.

In the “land of the free and the home of the brave,” the White House and the U.S. Capitol were built by slaves.

There are countless other instances of American hypocrisy, and some are so bizarre.

When he was running for President, Donald Trump frequently railed against China and vowed to “Make America Great Again. All the while, Trump was getting his company’s T-shirts, tie-pins, teddy bears, dress shirts, and ties made in China.[3]

Such hypocrisy flies over the head of dumbshit White Sonderkommandos who sent Trump to the White House on November 8, 2016.

Founding hypocrite Thomas Jefferson wrote eloquently about equality while having young black slave children whipped for coming to work after dawn in winter. Jefferson also repeatedly plunged his piston into his 14-year-old Black slave, often breeding her.

Citing fetal pain, hypocritical Americans want a ban on all abortion. But these savages don’t care about the physical pain they inflict on innocent people during their many illegal wars.

The Democratic Party’s über power couple feigns support for Blacks while the husband threw them in prison en masse and the wife slandered young African-American boys as Super Predators.

The Republican Party vows to remove people “off welfare” while ushering in corporate welfare through giant tax cuts, easing of regulations and providing millions of dollars to businesses.

Both parties are unfailingly generous to corporations like Tesla, Apple, Amazon, etc. with grants and infrastructure improvements at taxpayer cost even as they’re slashing programs that benefit the people.

Americans brag they’re a peace-loving people but these blood-thirsty dingos enthusiastically support the nation’s wars (public opinion polls show strong support for most wars in initial days that declines only when the U.S. starts losing).

Writing in Politico, Zachary Karabell nailed American hypocrisy: “Much of the world has long struggled with America’s tendency to speak nobly and act selfishly.”[4]

Hypocritical Sluts

Classless American bastards, who make a living through tit shows and ass displays to feed a voyeuristic Sonderkommando population hungry for such perverse delights, have the hypocritical audacity to call out Black patriots for not standing up when the national anthem is played.

An American unwilling to spit at his nation at every opportunity for its daily violence and torture against vulnerable people and weaker nations is an out and out hypocrite.

Kudos to America’s much abused Blacks who now think the national anthem is not worth standing up for.

Only when Black kids in every school and college emulate their sports heroes in treating the nation’s preeminent symbols like the flag and national anthem with unconcealed contempt can they unshackle themselves from the chains of servitude that still torture them in the goddamn nation.

Hypocritical America’s long oppressed Blacks deserve a New Dream:

First, the Blacks spat on the flag and the national anthem.

Then the Blacks burned the flag and drowned out the hypocritical garble of the national anthem.

Finally, the Blacks burned down the hypocritical nation flying the flag of oppression.

Thank God, America’s Blacks are exposing the sadistic nation’s hypocrisies every day in a manner never done before.

America is the only nation whose (in)justice system allows life sentences to be “awarded” to children.

To narrate every instance of American hypocrisy would be a task far worse than all the labors of Hercules combined. So I’ll confine myself to a few of the more egregious examples.

Hypocrisy of Born-Again Virgins

In America, at a very young age guys and gals climb the lust mountain and ski up and down its slippery slopes with screams of aaah and oooh.

Looking for a virgin male or female among our teens is like searching for penguins in the Sahara.

But it’s the beauty of American hypocrisy that millions of these savages still prize virginity, or the “first time” experience, in their partners.

American men demand hot and tight little pussies while their women seethe over younger rivals who lure the husband or boyfriend into their hot and tight little Barbie boxes down under.

Of course, hypocritical American women are no different, having eyes for none except the Stanley Kowalski types but with fat wallets.

One girl’s or man’s hypocrisy is invariably another man’s opportunity in America.

So hymenoplasty a.k.a. hymenorrhaphy, revirginization or hymen repair has turned into a big business opportunity for America’s plastic surgeons while desperate men turn to steroids and get-rich schemes of all kinds.

American women of all ages, particularly Roman Catholics who drink hypocrisy with their mother’s milk, are eager to get ravaged hymens repaired before walking down the church aisle.

Noting the rise of hymen surgery, the Wall Street Journal gave a cute headline to an interesting article: Virgin Territory: U.S. Women Seek a Second First Time.[5]

Media reports say business is going gangbusters for plastic surgeons who dive into women’s pussies and make their hymens “whole” again.

“Gynecologists are marketing hymenoplasty in magazines, local newspapers and online. They report business is booming,” writes the Wall Street Journal.

Such is the demand and competition that hymenoplasty surgeons now advertise on Google.

A search for hymenoplasty surgeons in NYC pulled up a list of doctors along with maps to their locations and tips for out of town patients.

Some American hymenoplasty doctors even offer “Summer Promotion Specials” with dozens of reviews by “satisfied” patients on how the procedure gave them back their lives, how their life is renewed, how their life was saved, how it was worth it, blah blah blah and more “my hymen repair was wonderful” blah blah blah.

In the book The EmBodyment of American Culture, a Texas girl rejoices after hymenoplasty, “I feel the excitement — like I’m a virgin again.”[6]

Given the hypocritical American obsession with virginity, it’s hardly surprising the music album Like a Virgin turned out to be a blockbuster, selling over 10 million copies in the U.S.

Of course, pussy repair or “reconstructing innocence” is not restricted to the all American Hillarys, Joanns, Christines, Jennifers, Megyns and Brittneys.

Immigrants too can partake of the hypocritical American pussy repair fix since prices are inching down and payment plans are available.

Hymen repair and restoration of “innocence” are advertised on ethnic radio stations popular with immigrants in New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago and Houston.

With hymenoplasty, Carmenita Trujillo, the hot little puta of Santo Domingo, is transformed into Carmen Tamale, the sweet innocent virgin, the belle ideale of Washington Heights in Manhattan.

If you ask me, fixing gangbanged pussies and presenting them as new to dumb American pricks should be banned or at least covered under the “Lemon Law” for cars that protects unwary customers from unscrupulous car dealers selling junk cars by spiffing up their exteriors.

Instead, hymen-repaired sluts should be awarded a “salvage title” like they do with flood damaged cars.

This practice of American girls seeking a second first time is the acme of hypocrisy.

But so popular has hymenoplasty become in America that plastic surgeons in New York City offer financing plans (promising no interest or low interest) and gladly accept credit cards to perpetuate this grossly hypocritical practice.

Of course, those who pay cash for their Hymen Repair get a 10% discount.

No discussion of hypocritical American bastards can be complete without a reference to the “saddlebacking” practice of devout Christians. In their zeal to retain their virginal purity, hypocritical Christian teens, high on the Jesus reefer but unwilling (or unable) to tame their raging hormones, engage in unprotected anal sex with their partners (both men and women).

Kim, there’s no end to deception and hypocrisy in the United States of Hypocrites.

Staring with the fiction of women’s “innocent” pussies that have never felt a dick to the Sonderkommandos “love” for democracy, equality and justice, almost everything in “exceptional” America is a sham.

Hypocrisy on Sanctions

“What people don’t understand is that sanctions lists aren’t about justice. They’re just leverage. A way for one country to exert power over another”
– Cristina Alger in The Banker’s Wife (2018), p.223

America has two favorite responses to those who earn its wrath.

Where the nation is weak or considered weak, like Afghanistan, Sudan, Vietnam, Korea, Japan, Laos or Bosnia, America will send its aircraft bombers to bomb the nation into the stone age.

Sometimes this strategy misfires because America underestimates the will, strength and resistance capabilities of the enemy like it did with the Viet Cong, Al Qaeda, Taliban and ISIS.

Where the “enemy” is strong (Cuba, Iran or North Korea), America’s preferred tactic is to engage in covert attacks and/or impose crippling sanctions that inflict immense suffering on people.

At one time or the other, America has imposed horrific sanctions on Cuba, Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Libya, Sudan, Syria as well as against targeted people in Russia, Ukraine, Somalia, Liberia, Belarus, Zimbabwe, North Korea, Lebanon, etc.[7]

Not only does America impose crippling sanctions on those who earn its wrath but it also strong-arms other nations to join it.

Inhuman American sanctions on Cuba, Iraq and North Korea has caused immense pain and grief to millions.

Now comes the disgusting American hypocrisy.

When an oppressing and human rights violating nation is America’s close ally like the one-time apartheid regime of South Africa, the U.S. beasts oppose and obstruct all sanctions even if the entire world is for them.

In September 1986, President Ronald Reagan refused to sign a bill on sanctions against the apartheid regime of South Africa arguing it would hurt the Blacks.

“Declaring economic warfare against the people of South Africa would be destructive not only of their efforts to peacefully end apartheid, but also of the opportunity to end it with a free society….Black workers — the first victims of apartheid would become the first victims of American sanctions,” Reagan wrote on September 26, 1986, in a sanctimonious letter accompanying his veto of sanctions.[8]

That was plain crock because Reagan’s past actions left no doubt he and his Republican Party colleagues were outright racist scum.

Reagan (who opposed the Civil Rights Act of 1964) had no love for Blacks but feigned concern for them so that America could align with the White apartheid regime in South Africa.

In the same letter, Reagan condemned the Black fighters of the African National Congress opposing the White racist regime as terrorists.

Only in the monstrous, hypocritical American worldview do Black freedom-fighters fighting their oppressive White racist regime become terrorists.

The real, unmistakeable reason for the Reagan administration not to impose sanctions against South Africa was because it was a White regime that was oppressing millions of Blacks, something America itself had proudly done in a far brutal manner for centuries via slavery and lynching.

Reagan did not hesitate to place the African National Congress, which was fighting the racist regime, on the terrorist list making it very hard for its members to travel outside South Africa.

To cite another example of American support for the White racist regime, in 1962 it was a CIA tip that helped South Africa to arrest Nelson Mandela, who was then a prominent resistance fighter with the African National Congress.[9]

Unsurprisingly, hypocritical American leaders never applied the same Reaganesque logic of hurting common people when imposing sanctions against Cuba, Iraq, Iran and North Korea.

American sanctions against Cuba lasted over five decades and inflicted incalculable harm on the island’s people.

America’s harsh sanctions against Iraq killed half a million children. Not in the least bit surprising since others’ pain is America’s pleasure.

Shameless America saw nothing wrong with the deaths of so many Iraqi children.

When U.N. Ambassador Madeleine Albright was asked about the deaths of so many Iraqi children, the Shaitan responded: “We think the price is worth it.”[10]

By mercilessly killing 500,000 innocent Iraqi children, America irrefutably proved itself to be the biggest child molester on this planet.

Hypocrisy on Russian Interference

Ever since the narcissist monster Donald Trump won the presidential election on November 8, 2016, his opponents including the U.S. mainstream media and Democrats like Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, etc., have blamed Russia for Trump’s victory over Hillary (in truth, her defeat was largely self-inflicted and compounded by crooked Democrats).

Angry over Trump’s victory, President Obama ordered an investigation into Russia’s alleged interference and then imposed sanctions on the country.

Now, wait a minute.

Do you know how many times America has interfered in the elections of other nations or tried to topple foreign governments?

In an article in the Washington Post, Lindsey A. O’Rourke, Assistant Professor of international politics at Boston College, wrote that during the Cold War era (1947-1989) America attempted to change other nations’ governments on 72 occasions.[11]

In South America, Africa and Asia, U.S. agencies including the CIA, USAID, NGOs and evangelical organizations have played havoc by interfering in elections or destabilizing and overthrowing elected governments.

Chile, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Iran, Venezuela, Egypt, Pakistan, India and El Salvador are among the many nations where America has interfered in the electoral process.

Citing several examples, Tulane University researcher Tim Gill makes a convincing case in the Jacobin that America’s interference in electing or deposing or destabilizing foreign governments did not end with the Cold War.[12]

If Russia did interfere in the 2016 U.S. presidential elections, it’s just desserts for the numerous times America has tried to influence the outcome of elections or destabilized elected governments in several nations.

Hypocrisy on Nuclear Weapons

A similar horrific hypocrisy is evident in the development and use of nuclear weapons.

America insists that so called “rogue nations” like Iran and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea must not acquire or retain nuclear weapons because of fears over their misuse.

That logic is hopelessly hypocritical because the real nuclear rogue nation is America, which dropped nuclear bombs on civilians in Japan during the final days of World War II and murdered several hundred thousand innocent people and injured countless others.

Every day, the U.S. media and our politicians slander other nations as Rogue Nations.

But a fair and balanced reading of history will reveal America to be the biggest Rogue Nation through its dangerous policies of weapons exports, military intervention, regime change obsession and racial oppression of colored people.

America has also conducted more nuclear tests than all the other nuclear powers combined.

While publicly calling for a nuclear-weapons free world, hypocritical American bastards (who dropped atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki) are now embarking on a $1 trillion modernization program of their nuclear weapons.[13]

Hypocrisy of Slavery Critics

Shameless hypocrisy is as old as the republic itself.

Early “Patriots” in colonial America demanded freedom but denied the same freedom to slaves.

Notwithstanding all the highfalutin rhetoric of equality and universal rights that preceded the war with mother country Britain, there were more slaves in America after independence (1.54 million) compared to the pre-revolutionary era (697,681).[14]

Several eighteenth century critics of slavery including Patrick Henry, John Jay, George Mason and Benjamin Franklin condemned slavery but owned slaves and lived off their toil.

Founding father Thomas Jefferson wrote inspiring words about freedom and “unalienable rights of Man” but those rights did not extend to slaves at his Monticello estate.

French traveler Moreau de St. Méry, who visited the new nation in the 1790s, noted in his diary, “[T]he American people, so excited about their own liberty, don’t consider the liberty of others unless it suits their political convenience.”[15]

Even in the northern states that were supposedly anti-slavery, there were 27,000 slaves as late as 1810 thanks to the inhumane ideas of gradualism in liberating Black slaves.

Hypocrisy on Weapons Sales

Nothing demonstrates American hypocrisy more starkly than weapon sales to nations like Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Turkey, South Korea, Egypt, etc., that have a gruesome human rights record.

Publicly, America calls for peace while privately peddles dangerous weapons to dozens of nations.

By flooding the world with weapons, America is doing overseas what it has done at home by making guns easily available — Vastly expands the opportunity for violence on innocent civilians.

For instance, the Saudi dictators are raining made-in-USA cluster bombs from made-in-USA aircraft bombers on civilians in Yemen leaving behind a trail of death and horrifically injured people in the poor nation.

Now American monsters, who hypocritically call for peace and human rights everywhere, have lifted the embargo on arms sales to Vietnam.[16]

The Vietnam government’s repressive policies and abysmal human rights record are no secret. The country has over 100 political prisoners and treats independent journalists harshly.

Human Rights Watch is very critical of Vietnam and condemns it as a “police state.”

Before President Obama’s May 23, 2016, visit to Vietnam, Human Rights Watch wrote to the White House: “Vietnam’s government remain among the most repressive in the world. Basic freedoms of expression, association and assembly are extremely limited. The media and Internet are controlled and censored….Genuine elections do not take place….The courts are party organs and lack independence.”[17]

Obama, who does not give a fig for democracy or human rights inside or outside the United States, ignored the letter from Human Rights Watch.

America loves Vietnam now because it’s buying 100 Boeing planes and 135 Pratt & Whitney aircraft engines. Soon the repressive Asian nation will buy American guns, missiles, tanks, cluster bombs and fighter jets too.

So much for America’s love of human rights.

Of course, no one must raise questions about the pathetic Vietnamese human rights record.

To raise questions about America’s hypocrisy in peddling arms to a one-party regime with a proven record of crushing dissenting voices would be labelled disloyal and bring the full weight of the American Gestapo (a.k.a. FBI) upon the protester.

America has two reasons for selling weapons to Asian nations like Vietnam, India and Taiwan.

First, unable to tolerate China’s emergence on the world stage as a great power the American Caesars in the Military-Industrial Complex are encircling China with hostile neighbors equipped with dangerous weapons.

China is mad as hell over America’s military policy but can’t do diddly because it depends on our Sonderkommandos buying iPhones, tablets, chairs, PCs, dildos, anal beads and almost every junk it makes.

The second reason for U.S. weapons sales in Asia is to boost profits for America’s Military-Industrial Complex by entering new markets like Vietnam and expanding existing ones like India.

America hypocritically extols human rights until it can make money from repressive regimes.

Kim, if you buy a few fighter jets from America and hire a couple of lobbyists in Washington to grease the wheels of power our Sonderführers will kiss your backside and thank you for the privilege.

Hypocrisy on Black Violence

It’s no secret that in American cities like Los Angeles, Oakland, Philadelphia and Wilmington, Blacks often die at the hand of other Blacks.

But hypocritical America doesn’t care.

A recent New York Times article, with the appropriate headline A Drumbeat of Multiple Shootings, but America isn’t Listening, tells a disturbing but familiar story of massive violence affecting the Black community.[18]

Donald Trump was right to describe African American neighborhoods as “worse than war zones” at a campaign rally in the rural town of Mannheim (Pennsylvania) on October 1, 2016.

“People walk to the office, they walk to get a loaf of bread, they get shot, their child gets shot,” Trump told his adoring audience of White faithfuls.[19]

America’s response is not to control the violence roiling the African-American community but to blame Black residents of the area for not snitching, for not being responsible parents, for drug dealing, for not taking individual responsibility and for not getting a grip on their lives.

America’s traditional reaction to violence in the Black neighborhoods of Oakland, Wilmington, New York City, Philadelphia, Chicago, etc., has been restricted to putting yellow tape around the murder scene and mopping up the blood but never taking steps to prevent crimes in the first place.

Hypocritical America never has enough money or the tiniest compassion for Black people.

Just as the ancient Roman citizens delighted in seeing gladiators kill each other in the arenas, America’s White Sonderkommandos can’t get enough of Black-on-Black violence.

Hypocrisy of Family Values Party

For decades, America’s Republican Party has always boasted that it’s a bastion of family values, condemning the rival Democrats for their supposed “loose morals.”

In reality, the Republicans are no different when it comes to loose morals, adultery and licentious behavior.

In July 2016, the Republican Party members voted as their presidential nominee Donald Trump, a serial liar and thrice married man.

A few months later, on November 8, 2016, American Sonderkommandos elected the “pussy-grabbing” whacko Trump as their President.

No one in his right mind would ever argue that Donald Trump represents family values.

Trump is hardly the exception in the Republican party when it comes to flouting family values.

Newt Gingrich, David Vitter, Mark Sanford, Larry Craig, Mark Foley, Henry Hyde, Mark Souder, David Dreier, Ed Shrock, Bob Barr, Pete Dominici, Vance McAllister, John Ensign and a whole bunch of prominent Republicans have brought disgrace to their party and anguish to their families by their reckless behavior.[20]

David Vitter was fond of consorting with prostitutes in Washington DC.

Senator Larry Craig, a married man with grown children, was arrested for propositioning an undercover, male police officer inside a toilet stall at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport on June 11, 2007.

Republican Congressman Henry Hyde, who attacked Bill Clinton during the impeachment proceedings against the former President, had an extramarital relationship in his younger days with a married woman.

Hypocrisy of Google

Google rode to fame and several hundred billion in market cap on the strength of its search engine and the noble-sounding commitment to Don’t Be Evil.

While its search engine still remains numero uno, Google’s commitment to Don’t Be Evil is yet another instance of hypocrisy rampant among U.S. corporations.

Instead, Google’s commitment seems to have morphed into See No Evil.

Whether its screwing book publishers, trampling upon content creators or dealing with China, Google has dropped a chador over its corporate eyes to See No Evil as it feverishly pursues higher profits in the next quarter.

Google has closely cooperated with oppressive regimes like China in various ways – By censoring results in the Chinese version of its search engine (until 2010), announcing plans for an Artificial Intelligence research center in China, releasing a file management app for Chinese Internet users and launched the “Guess The Sketch” game on the Chinese messaging and social media platform, WeChat.

On August 1, 2018, the investigative news web site Intercept published a damning article revealing that Google had a secret plan in the works codenamed Dragonfly “to launch a censored version of its search engine in China that will blacklist websites and search terms about human rights, democracy, religion, and peaceful protest.”[21]

Dragonfly will supposedly be a special Android search app designed for China and an early version has already been demonstrated to government officials of the human rights abusing regime.

Hypocrisy on Austerity

Following the economic collapse of 2008 triggered by the criminal actions of too big to fail and – therefore – bailed out banks, America imposed draconian cuts on social programs and public infrastructure projects.

These cuts have had devastating effects on the lives of millions of people.

Library hours have been shortened, after-school programs eliminated, maintenance on roads and bridges neglected, Medicaid enrollment toughened and public transportation turned into a daily misery.

In response to any protests over cut backs, American leaders respond that in these difficult times austerity is the need of the hour, collective sacrifices are called for and all people must tighten their belts.

Yet the same hypocritical bastards have no shame in cutting taxes on corporations and the rich, easing regulations on oil, banking and mining sectors, and providing generous grants and tax breaks to corporations that offer the crumb of a few low-paying jobs at warehouses.

America’s hypocrisy on “austerity” and “collective sacrifices” is hardly surprising since this nation has always nourished and enriched itself on human misery.

In the twenty-first century, repeated cutbacks for the poor and frequent welfare for the privileged exemplify American hypocrisy at its worst.

In a similar vein, hypocritical America denounces class warfare bit loves it as long as victims are the poor, sick and and other afflicted sections of society.

Hypocrisy on Saudi Arabia

Nowhere is America’s entrenched hypocrisy more vividly displayed than in its steadfast support for the Middle Eastern dictatorship of Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia is the very antithesis of a civilized nation.

A financial backer of terrorists, suppressor of women’s rights, opponent of free expression and chronic violator of human rights, Saudi Arabia is a sickening blot on the planet.

Saudi women still cannot drive, must wear a black chador in public and need the permission of a man to open a bank account or travel.

In Saudi Arabia, McDonald’s segregates counters and dining areas by sex.

Torture, lashings, amputations and beheadings are common in the kingdom.

But in America’s eyes, Saudi Arabia can do no wrong. At least, officially.

Top U.S. leaders including President Trump, former President Barack Obama and his Secretary of State John Kerry frequently hosted visiting Saudi leaders like Mohammed bin Salman and Mohammed bin Nayef.

In private, America acknowledges Saudi support for ISIL and other radical Jihadist groups.

In 2014, Hillary Clinton wrote in an email to John Podesta: “We need to use our diplomatic and more traditional intelligence assets to bring pressure on the government of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, which are providing clandestine financial and logistic support to ISIL and other radical Sunni groups in the region.”[22]

Kim, don’t be surprised by U.S. hypocrisy vis-a-vis Saudi Arabia.

After all, hypocrisy is an inalienable element of the American DNA.

Derailing Arab Spring

Without covert support from U.S. intelligence agencies and plentiful American weapons, the Arab Spring could not have been suppressed.

While officially pretending to support democracy and freedom in public, self-serving America hypocritically does the opposite in private.

Bahrain, Egypt, Yemen and Syria would be wearing democratic garb today but for covert support from America in brutally suppressing the people’s movements against corrupt and repressive regimes.

Thousands of protesters were jailed, tortured and killed in Bahrain, Egypt, Yemen and Syria because of American hypocrites.

So why should anyone be surprised that there’s a deep reservoir of hatred against America in the Middle East.

In every Muslim nation in the world, the word America is an epithet and its leaders the darkest villains.

Deep-Rooted Hypocrisy

Right from the colonial days, hypocrisy has been deep-rooted in the American soil.

In the late eighteenth century, the loudest voices in defense of freedom were also vehemently in favor of continuing slavery.

In the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, America has argued for peace while increasing the possibility of violence 100-fold by selling dangerous weapons to every dictator and despotic regime in the world.

Karma Gospel Notes

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