America – A Nation of Panhandlers

“Not to be able to afford a movie or a glass of beer is a kind of starvation — if everybody else can.”
— Dwight Macdonald[1]

Can I have the last of your soup?
— A Kkotjebi beggar in North Korea during the famine of the 1990s[2]

Dear Kim Moon-shine,

Your latest short-range missile launches in the Sea of Japan was a fitting response to the immoral sanctions and relentless attacks on your nation.[3]
Image Courtesy: Wikipedia

Image Courtesy: Wikipedia

It cheers me no end to note our dotard of a President, Donald Trump, is seeing things your way.

Kim, send the dotard a few more love missives and you’ll have the chimp eating out of your hand.

Keep improving your Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles and these animals will fear to place their boots on your head as they do every day with the Iranians, Syrians, Libyans and Venezuelans.

Let me now come to your question as to whether there are beggars to be found in America.

I will disclose a secret to you.

On more than one occasion, my dear friend, your father Kim Loon-shine, who I miss every day, expressed to me his deep shame over the misery of countless North Livians reduced to begging during the great famine of the last decade of the twentieth century.

So my answer to your question about beggars in America will be music to your ears.

Panhandler Nation

Until I moved to America many summers ago, I thought begging was a Third World disease.

You know, like Ebola.

Gosh, how little did I know.

Across America, begging is common among millions of its Sonderkommando monsters.

In many cities like NYC, downtown L.A. or Wilmington you cannot walk freely without frequently being accosted by panhandlers demanding a dollar or at least a quarter.

Barely had I stepped into America when I encountered my first First World beggar. At a bus stop on Wilshire Blvd in downtown L.A. an African-American first tried to sell me a bus token. When I turned away, the young man yelped for a dollar.

Over nearly a quarter-century in this sinking nation, I’ve encountered so many beggars that I stopped counting long back.

A few short hours ago, a White guy begged [4] me for a quarter at an Asian-American liquor store in a mid-Atlantic state just as I was getting out of my Camry. I was there to buy a $8.99 bottle of Lindeman’s Cabernet Sauvignon.

At first, I first said a blunt “No.” But when I returned to the car a couple of minutes later to get my pen to sign my Amex credit card receipt, the White guy was still outside and fortunately I found about 55-cents in my cup holder (a quarter and three dimes) that I handed to him. The White beggar was effusive in his gratitude. He quickly followed me into the liquor store and purchased an abominable beer popular with the Rednecks of America.

Alas, the RedNeck is no exception. Just one among tens of millions of American beggars struggling to get through a horrible, depressing day.

Millions of American Sonderkommandos get through the day only by begging strangers and familiar faces for a few coins.

It’s not just the native-born who are beggars in America.

Many immigrants, who arrive here naively believing in the fiction of the American Dream, are driven to begging to keep body and soul together.

In ethnic neighborhoods like Jackson Heights (NYC), it’s a common sight to see immigrants from Bangladesh, Pakistan and India walking up and down 74th St and 73rd St begging for money. 

With wages for tipped restaurant staff set as low as $2.13 per hour, it’s hardly surprising there are so many beggars in the nation. By law, restaurants are supposed to make it up to the workers when tips do not raise to the minimum wage in the state but a lot of restaurants don’t.

Nearly 30 million Americans do not have healthcare and when they get sick they rush to the Emergency Room begging for medical help.

And yet these Sonderkommando Beggars lack the courage to protest their miserable plight.

On June 16, 2019, two million people in Hong Kong took to the streets to protest against extradition of defendants to China. In the United States of Beggars, it’d be hard to attract a dozen people to a protest against flagrant injustice.

You see, protest is not in the lexicon of American Sonderkommandos.

Begging Even After Death

In America, begging money from strangers does not stop even after death.

Visit a crowd funding web site and you’ll see an endless stream of people begging for money to meet funeral expenses for their just departed loved ones.

In the so-called richest nation in the world, tens of thousands of people are so poor they cannot even afford to bury or cremate their father, mother, son, daughter, brother, etc., without handouts from strangers.

A few weeks back, on a popular crowd funding site I saw a begging note from friends and family of a man who died while playing cricket (a game popular in former British colonies).

A few minutes back, I typed burial in the search box of the crowd funding site and I got “104016 results found.”[5]

On the first page of the Results, I found families of Whites and Blacks, and babies and elderly folks beseeching strangers for help to bury or cremate their just departed loved one.

Just today, I read a news story of a terminal cancer patient had raised over $25,000 for her funeral arrangements by appealing to strangers on a crowd funding site.

Such is life in the so-called Richest Nation in the World.

Begging for Alcohol

Anyone who has worked at a small town liquor store in recent years will vouch for the fact that countless young American Sonderkommando women have turned into beggars for a few minutes of relief from earthly misery.

A lot of young American women hang around inside and outside the liquor store begging other customers for a quarter or dollar to buy a shot or two of vodka or a few cans of the cheap-shit vomit-beer popular with the Redneck White Trash Sonderkommandos.

So many young women are desperate for the dollar shots of vodka that they beg the liquor store cashier for a 25-or 30-cent loan since all they have in their Canal Street knockoff handbag is no more than 70- or 75-cents.

I bet these tramps would happily spend the night with anyone who buys them five or six of the dollar-shot vodkas that line the counters near the cash register of most small-town liquor stores in America.

Begging for Minimum Wage Jobs

Kim, to all those who ridicule the poor people of North Livia for their terrible plight I suggest you ask them to look stateside.

The number of people, young and old, who come begging for Minimum Wage Jobs in Delaware, Alabama, Mississippi, Kentucky and other godforsaken states of America beggars belief.

The guy who completed his high school in 1971 comes crawling on his knees for a kitchen help job at an Asian-American owned motel in a mid-Atlantic state in 2019. And this at a time when Trump was boosting that America was seeing record employment rates. Oh, the old man prefers a weekend job.[6]

You think it’s any different at other retail establishments.

Hell, no!

Americans and immigrants come begging for jobs there too.

One cold night, a desperate Telugu immigrant girl is (almost) on her knees at the liquor store on RT-13 in New Castle County (DE), begging for a part-time job as her husband looks on with his tits caught in a wringer.

Kim, even Lord Balaji cannot help this couple!

Begging for Tips

In woebegone America, tens of millions of Sonderkommandos are always to be found in the dust and grime, with their hands out and desperately looking up for a few coins.

Housekeepers, bartenders, cab drivers, waiters, beauticians, waitresses, barbers, pizza delivery guys and gals, maids, handymen, hookers, bellhops, busboys, gigolos, gardeners, cruise ship workers, coat attendants, casino workers and millions of other workers have their hand out for a tip in the United States of Beggars.

At the major coffee shop chain, there’s a Tip-Jar that silently implores customers to throw in a few coins. Ditto with the large sandwich chain where I occasionally go for a veggie sandwich.

Ask not who craves a tip in the United States of Sonderkommandos.

Kim, ask instead who does not drool for a tip in this Beggar Nation.

The black housekeeper comes to the front-desk of the motel in Dover grinning as if she’s won the lotto flaunting a $10 bill that some kind soul has thrown her way.

The giddy housekeeper happily buys an overpriced soda can for $1, all the time muttering her standard line, “It’s hot in here.”[7]

With so many millions of American Sonderkommandos begging for tips daily, it’s not surprising in this crooked nation that nasty elements have started dipping into the tip jars. So many businesses have been caught stealing workers’ tips it’s probably not even news anymore.

One day, the young waiter at an Indian restaurant on Newark Avenue in Jersey City (NJ) told me sotto voce not to leave a tip because his employer takes it all.

Chefs and managers grabbing a share of the poorly paid waiter’s tips is common in American restaurants.

Begging for Student Debt Relief

In mid 2019, the collective student debt in America stood at $1.45 trillion.

Millions of American Sonderkommandos in their fifties are still paying off student loans.

About eight million Americans in the 50+ age group owe $291.9 billion in student loans.[8]

Struggling to pay their college debt, tens of thousands of students have joined the expanding chorus of American panhandlers.

Not a day passes now when I’m not assaulted by media reports of students begging for debt forgiveness, debt relief, free tuition and so on.

So far the begging has yielded little result.

Like death and taxes, there’s no getting away from student debt for those who passed through the portals of American colleges or universities.

To win the votes of this expanding group of panhandlers, politicians like Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are offering the bribe of freedom from student debt.

Begging for Relief from Medical Bills

Getting sick in America is a calamity even if you have health insurance.

Every day, thousands of American Sonderkommandos are assaulted by massive “Surprise Medical Bills” or expensive treatment fees that they just cannot afford to pay but MUST pay.

The anesthetist was out of network, the neuromonitoring service was out of network, the insurance company won’t cover it or some nonsense like that.

To get relief from surprise medical bills or unimaginably high treatment charges, the Sonderkommandos first beg family and friends for help.

Then they beg the hospital for a cut in the bills.

Finally, when they’re no longer able to handle the calls from the collection agencies these Beggar Sonderkommandos end up on crowd-funding sites pleading with strangers for money so they can pay off the hospital Shylocks.

According to a July 1, 2019, article in the New Yorker, medical expenses accounted for a third of money raised in 2017 on GoFundMe and is the largest category. “In the blind alleys of public health, GoFundMe has become both a first stop and a last resort,” writes Nathan Heller.[9]

Begging for Insulin

By mid-2019, the American Sonderkommandos were devouring each other.

Richer Sonderkommandos fell upon poorer compatriots in a frenzy of greed and lust.

Millions of spineless Diabetic Sonderkommandos got their just deserts when they were forced to beg strangers, pharmacists and doctors for insulin.

Unfettered American capitalism has now turned into Fatal Capitalism pushing the price of Insulin beyond the reach of millions.[10]

And yet these spineless Sonderkommandos do not have the backbone to load their guns and go after oppressors busy as they are watching the new season of Game of Thrones, attending the Firefly music concert in Dover, planning for the upcoming Burning Man in the Arizona desert, lusting after neighbors, dreaming of a cruise and blabbing nonsense on Facebook and Twitter.

Some of these numbskulls, who still retain the ability to read and write, squander their time posting comments in the pages of the New York Times and Washington Post, whining and crying about the unaffordable Insulin. As if the pharma or insurance giants care to read any of the comments.

All these worthless Sonderkommandos can do is buy blackmarket Insulin from strangers, cross the border into Canada or Mexico, ration their Insulin shots and die or beg, beg and beg for a shot of Insulin.

On social media sites, Diabetics beg each other for extra or expired shots of Insulin.

Since they so desperately want to live, the American Sonderkommandos are now rushing to Mexico, a country these racist monsters attack relentlessly and whose citizens are abused at the border every day, to buy Insulin for 5% of the U.S. price.

“It’s kind of a myth that America has the best health-care system in the world, because it is set up to allow Americans to go bankrupt or die because they can’t afford their medicine, says Elizabeth Pfiester, Executive Director of T1 International, a non-profit organization that advocates for Type 1 Diabetics.[11]

Since there are over 30 million Diabetics in America, you can imagine the amount of Insulin Begging going on in 2019.

Insulin-deprived Diabetics have no one to blame but themselves for not aggressively targeting their oppressors.

Begging for Campaign Donations

I know we’ve asked a lot lately — but can you step up and add a donation to Kamala’s campaign today?
– Kamala Harris’ 2020 Presidential Campaign Begging for Dollars[12]

Kim, thank your stars that you’re not a beggar like 99.99% of our political leaders.

America’s Sonderführers, our political leaders, have turned begging into a fine art.

They beg for money before getting elected and they beg for dollars after getting elected.

Our Sonderführers beg on a variety of platforms— On the phone, via e-mail, through Contribute buttons on their web sites, via expensive ads on TV and by organizing in person fund-raising events at the Hamptons (NY) or San Francisco homes of billionaires.

Dialing for Dollars that all American Sonderführers profess to hate but gladly participate in is no more than a euphemism for begging.

In recent years, begging electronically, via e-mail and ads on Facebook and Google, is a sine qua non for both aspiring and established political leaders.

Even the self-claimed billionaire, Donald J. Trump, begs for dollars through contribute button on his web site or through fund-raising events.

But not all begging Sonderführers succeed.

Senator Cory Booker begs and begs and begs but fails to make much impact, both in terms of fund raising or poll-numbers among the 2020 Democratic presidential contenders.

On the “successful” Democrats beggars side, I count Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren.

Of course, begging for dollars and accepting dollars from the well-heeled comes with a lot of strings. Since the wealthy give more “alms” to our political class they have the ears of our politicians while small donors and non-givers are routinely shafted.

Begging for Food

Millions of American Sonderkommandos are able to put food on the family table only through begging.

After the 2008 economic collapse, food pantries have sprouted all over the nation.

At these pantries manned by volunteers, beggars with kids in tow gather every week to grab date-expired cans of beans and soup, eggs, bread and other food.

Not to forget the tens of millions of dirt poor Americans who get by with a few hundred dollars of food stamps every month from the state government.

In the America of 2019, even dollar stores accept food stamps (aka SNAP cards) since these stores peddle all kinds of so-called food now.

Begging & Apple Pie

In the second decade of the twenty-first century, Begging is as American as apple pie, molesting children and hypocritical veneration for veterans.

Kim, there are more beggars in America than there are people in your entire nation.

Millions of American Sonderkommandos every day are confronted with a choice — Beg, Fight or Die.

And their selection is clear — They will Beg Today, They will Beg Tomorrow and, oh, They will Beg the Day After too.

But the Pusillanimous Sonderkommandos will never pick up a rock,sword or gun to fight the oppressive system that has turned them into Beggars.

Karma Gospel Notes

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