America – A Nation of Classless Bastards

“Civilization…stands for a high matter quite apart from telephones and electric lights. It is a matter of imponderables, of delight in the things of the mind, of love of beauty, of honor, grace, courtesy, delicate feelings.”
– Edith Hamilton in The Greek Way[1]

Dear Kim Moon-shine,

I’m shocked to learn America conducted another Elephant Walk (a threatening military exercise) on June 9, 2016, in South Livia just as you were wrapping up the fifth Workers Party Congress in Whambyang.[2]

I apologize for my savage nation’s intimidatory tactics (A-10 Thunderbolt II and F-16 Fighting Falcon were part of Elephant Walk).

Oh, what can I say!

It’s the nature of American warmongers to forever disturb world peace, raise tensions and provoke smaller nations.

Classless Bastards
Kim, in your latest note you asked me if American Sonderkommandos (average Americans) are classy people.

Hell, no.

Absolutely not!

America is an “exceptional” nation of 320 million classless bastards, the unsurpassed kings of dreck and dross, the puta babacas of the Western hemisphere.

They are the “uncultured, uncultivated, and crude” people that the late British author Beryl Bainbridge describes in her unfinished work, The Girl in the Polka Dot Dress (the book is based on her car trip from the East coast to the West several years earlier).[3]

On the Mount Rushmore of Chazzers, Americans have left no room for others.

Ill-birthed in slavery, America is a grotesque menagerie of vanity, vulgarity and vice.

On this corner of the earth in the Northern Hemisphere has assembled the greatest gathering of philistines ever come together.

Obsessed with underboobs, sideboobs, décolletage, wardrobe malfunctions, pussy-grabbing, underwear selfies, binge drinking, vengeful doxxing, revenge porn, skinny dips and sex-tape leaks of vapid celebrities, Americans are the antipodes of Edith Hamilton’s Athenians.

After a five-year stay in America, the eighteenth century French/Haitian traveler Moreau de St. Méry nailed the classless character in his book on the new nation: “Americans …. pride themselves on their cleverness and knowledge; and this, like everything else in America, is based on nothing.”[4]

Our national classless character is evident all around us.

Just look at the food we stuff ourselves with, the ugly buildings we put up, the leaders we look up to, the empty-headed celebrities we worship, the planes and trains we travel in, the crumbling infrastructure around us, the rising number of sex offenders, the binge drinking of youngsters on college campuses, the daily arrests of child sex lovers and child porn peddlers, and the merciless suffering we “carpet-bomb” upon “enemies” in our maniacal “War on Terror.”[5]

Oh, the horror of rampant body mutilation (a.k.a. piercing) in America never fails to render me speechless. Both women and men delight in mutilating their faces and bodies with metal hooks.

On one White woman’s face, I counted seven before I got tired and gave up. As if the metal pieces on her eyebrows, nose, and above and below her lips were not grotesque enough, she had dyed the back of her hair in bizarre purple and green colors. Her White boyfriend with a thick beard had an inverted U ring clipped to his nostrils.

Twerking, drone attacks, hogging, body mutilation, facial tattoos, molesting, sexting and raping children are this benighted nation’s claim to glory in the twenty-first century.

Even in matters of dress, American classlessness is starkly evident.

At least 20 million American men wear their pants, in a sagging manner, half-way below their underwear. Apparently, the “sagging” pants fashion originated in prison where inmates were compelled to wear saggy, oversized, loose pants since belts are verboten and clothes-sizes are limited.[6]

Soon, brain-damaged American youngsters outside prison started imitating the convicts and today “sagging” (wearing pants with the underwear prominently showing) is considered high fashion among both Black and White youngsters.

Our women are equally tasteless in matters of dress. America is a classless bastion of high hemline and low neckline harlots.

Mon dieu, some 30 million American women have at least a third of their udders jumping out of their dress.

Of course, American classless behavior extends to sex too.

Oral cancer rate for classless American men has increased 61% in just four years (2011-2015) primarily because of their satanic obsession to insert their tongues into every dirty crevice and deep throat any hard object.[7]

In Florida, Texas, Delaware, Tennessee and every state, young and old American Sonderkommandos perspire for the deviant thrill of sex with children and minors.[8]

Since American Sonderkommandos find it impossible to restrain their wild sexual impulses, the United States of Perversity now has 843,260 registered sex offenders.

Every state has a huge sex offender database online with mugshots to let priapic guys and horny babes quickly check if the hot gal or boyfriend next door is a sex offender just out from prison.[9]

Classless America even celebrates National Pretzel Day and National Doughnut Day! Not even the crazy Pakis, showboat Iranians and hacking Turks stoop so low.

Dozens of newspapers, magazines and TV channels (including USA Today, Fortune and CNBC) pander to the classless American obsession for crappy food with headlines like Where to Eat for Free on National Doughnut Day; National Donut Day: Where to get ‘em for Free; or Where to get Free Donuts for National Donut Day.[10]

Now classless American teens and adults have discovered vulva tuneups and hymen repair to rejuvenate their much abused vaginas.

Attendance at museums, operas, ballets and orchestras is plunging as millennial twits seek solace and quick release in the “higher arts” of sexting and twerking.

Who needs the Metropolitan Opera when the little monsters can sext the boyfriend or girlfriend across town from the comfort of the bedroom with furtive hands busy below the sheets.[11]

Who cares for a Botticelli painting at the Met when the drunk twit can squirt ketchup on his equally sloshed girlfriend’s bare bottom, declare it a new art form on Instagram, and quickly accumulate a million likes.

Like young Caligula obsessed with grotesque carnivals held on the wide avenue between the splendor of his Palatine palace and the filth of the crowded Aventine slums in ancient Rome, Americans are fixated on the obscene, weird and bizarre.

Every direction you glance in America, the nation’s classless character stands evident.

About my classless countrymen, the peerless H.L. Mencken said it best in his fine essay, On Being An American: “[T]he American people, taking one with another, constitute the most timorous, sniveling, poltroonish, ignominious mob of serfs and goose-steppers ever gathered under one flag in Christendom since the end of the Middle Ages, and that they grow more timorous, more sniveling, more poltroonish, more ignominious every day.”[12]

Mencken’s words about American Sonderkommandos ring as true in 2017 as they did in the 1920s when the Baltimore native wrote his famous essay.

Look at Our Buildings

Have you seen pictures or YouTube videos of our buildings, Kim?

Ugh, scary ugly!

Where are the American architects like Bolivian genius Freddy Mamani Silvestre whose dazzling buildings have brightened El Alto’s landscape.[13]

Thanks to Freddy Silvestre, the Aymara culture now means class.

Our classless buildings in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Seattle and all across America are either blandly indistinguishable or horrid monstrosities.

Just look at Billionaire’s Row in Manhattan with its hideous, narrow skyscrapers.

Things are no different in the suburbs with 5,000 square feet, tacky, ugly McMansions that have turned the landscape into an eyesore.

Where are the magnificent American libraries like the Dokk1 Library at Aarhus (Denmark).

U.S. libraries are not only hideous structures but they’re also breeding hives of all kinds of bugs (particularly the red-brown, tiny bug) that worm their way into any book over five-years-old (older books tend to be less moved and the shelves seldom dusted in funds-scarce public libraries).

While the American Sonderkommandos were fighting petty battles, the Germans put up the Elbphilharmonie concert hall, a splendid glass edifice that opened in January 2017 in the industrial town of Hamburg.[14]

Elbphilharmonie is not just the talk of Germany but of the whole world.

Where are the Elbphilharmonies in America?

All America has is the grotesque Trump Tower!

Look at Our Public Transport

The Chinese have laid over 10,000 miles of high-speed rail tracks in under a decade and their sleek, superfast trains are the envy of the world.[15]

I’ve spent dozens of hours on YouTube vicariously traveling on these twenty-first century marvels of transportation.

Now look at America, the low-energy nation of big talk and few achievements.

America is taking over 100 years to complete the Second Avenue subway line (extending a mere 8.5 miles) in Manhattan.

By late January 2017, just two miles of the total 8.5 miles of the Second Avenue subway had been completed. Shameless Sonderkommando chimps gloated over their “success” of completing two miles in 100 years! Even New York Governor Andrew Cuomo joined in the festivities, preening at the inaugural run.

DC Metro in the nation’s capital is a disgrace owing to years of inadequate investment and gross mismanagement.

The SEPTA network serving the Philadelphia region and neighboring Delaware hit a new low in July 2016 after pulling a third of its rail cars for emergency repair.

NYC subway platforms have the overwhelming odor of piss and the trains are rattling buckets of distress. Since most NYC subway stations lack a toilet, people merrily pee on the platform.

America has the shittiest transit systems outside of Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Sudan, Nigeria and Mali.

Conceived in the early 1990s, the 800-mile California High-Speed Rail project (from San Diego to Sacramento) has ZERO chance of completion in the nation of big talk and tiny achievements.[16]

Delays, disrepair and overcrowding have gotten so bad at NYC’s Penn Station that commuters now refer to it as Pain Station. Sewage leaks from ceilings fall on passengers’ heads, restrooms are too few and too dirty, and the signs are hopelessly confusing to newbies at the station. Worse, track repairs at Penn Station have been neglected for decades and cause daily delays to commuters from Long Island and New Jersey.

It’s the same depressing story in other parts of America too. Any efforts to improve the decrepit passenger train system immediately evokes strong resistance from Sonderkommandos.

In Texas, classless politicians are doing their best to derail the proposed private sector Houston-Dallas high-speed rail line. They have introduced over 20 bills to prevent the project from taking off.[17]

While the Chinese, Japanese, French, Taiwanese and Turks zip around in sleek, high-speed trains, American Sonderkommandos are stuck with the decrepit, accident-prone Amtrak, chronically late New Jersey Transit and pathetic SEPTA.

Mexico and India have more comfortable long-distance buses (with sleeper seats) than the junk running on American highways today.

Look at Our Gals & Boys

America’s youngsters live to party.

Partying is the idée fixe of both girls and boys at American colleges and universities.

And in twenty-first century America, partying means not just drinking but binge drinking.

Guys and girls drink so much that at the end of their wild, all-night Bacchanalian orgies they lie senseless, soaked in a pool of urine and vomit, theirs and that of others.

And when a new morning dawns comes the shame and self-realization, the fear of someone having filmed them and that maybe they were overdoing it just a wee bit too much.

That’s when allegations start to fly about rape, fucking while intoxicated, non-consensual sex, and invalid consent because of incapacitation.

Tear-taps open, and lawyers and PR specialists are brought in to tell a voyeuristic public about her story of naked exploitation and his sincere denials.

Now we’re deluged with media reports ad nauseam of the victim’s trauma, the struggle to focus, depression, hostile environment on campus, the ordeal, low grades, shame, and need for strong punishment of the perp and a compensation of just $5 million to the victim for great suffering heroically endured like Jesus on the Cross.

America has seen several high-profile incidents around college and university campuses involving piss-drunk gals and guys waking up after a night of wild partying, binge drinking and non-stop fucking with strangers, and then quickly discovering the blessed virtues of morality.

When both gals and guys are so hopelessly drunk during the alleged rape, how can any sane judge, jury or police officer pin responsibility on anyone or even determine if a crime occurred.

In the United States of Pimps and Harlots, where monogamous relationships are considered déclassé, sexually transmitted diseases are at record high levels. In 2015, chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis increased for the second year in a row.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, 20 million new sexually transmitted infections occur in America every year. Youngsters (15-24 age group) account for about half of the new infections.

Considering both new and existing STD infections together, there are 110 million infections at any time in America.[18]

Even as sexually transmitted diseases soar in America, 52% of state and local STD initiatives suffered budget cuts.

Were Nabokov alive, he’d call a typical American girl baba (blousy woman of loose morals) and the average American youth would elicit forth from him the strong insult of le gredin (scoundrel).

Look at Our Leaders

America does not need inspiring Solons or nation builders like the great Lee Kuan Yew as leaders.

The nation is happy with Sonderführers like Barry Goldwater (nutcase), Bill Clinton (dickhead), Lyndon Johnson (warmonger), George W. Bush (lying warmonger), Ronald Reagan (hopeless idiot and racist), Harry Truman (nukepot), Ted Cruz (crackpot of “make the sand glow” fame), Hillary Clinton (warmonger and racist), Sarah Palin (brain-dead) and, OMG, Donald Trump (racist, serial liar, misogynist, torture-lover and, above all, hater of Muslims and Mexicans).

While American “leaders” were fighting pointless wars in Vietnam, North Korea, Iraq/Kuwait and elsewhere, Lee Kuan Yew turned the tiny Asian island of Singapore into an economic marvel.

The outpouring of grief by Singaporeans upon Lee Kuan Yew’s death on March 23, 2015, was a rare instance in history of genuine public mourning following a politician’s death.[19]

Ditto with late Cuban leader Fidel Castro. Leading a tiny country the size of Pennsylvania, the legendary El Commandante managed to thwart dozens of American attempts to assassinate him.

For over five decades, Castro served as mentor and guide to his people.

When Castro died on November 25, 2016, tens of thousands of Cubans expressed great anguish and sadness over his passing. Countless Cubans felt they’d lost a close family member.

Such sentiments of regret and grief are rare on the death of an American “leader.”

When an American leader shuffles his mortal coil, civilized folks heave a sigh of relief.

In the last 100 years, only the passing of Franklin D. Roosevelt brought tears to many eyes.

Classless American leaders publicly mock their rivals’ height, looks, size of hand, hair and even the size of their opponent’s penis as Senator Marco Rubio did to Donald Trump in one of the 2016 Republican presidential primaries debates.[20]

Like most American dickheads, President Lyndon B. Johnson fancied he had a “Jumbo” dick and never missed a chance to display his pecker even after he left college. After pissing, Johnson would sometimes point out his schlong to a companion and ask, “Have you ever seen anything as big as this?”

Johnson was also fond of brunettes and during the stressful years of the Vietnam war disaster he inflicted upon the world, the president de-stressed with hookers like “Penny” from the infamous Texas Chicken Ranch whorehouse on the outskirts of La Grange (TX).

Johnson’s claim to infamy, apart from his Vietnam catastrophe, rested on crude boasts like, “I had more women by accident than Kennedy had on purpose.”[21]

Classless leaders like Lyndon Johnson are not an exception in America. They’re the norm.

On August 25, 2016, Maine’s nutty Governor Paul LePage attacked state Representative Drew Gattine as “a little son of a bitch socialist cock-sucker …. I want you to record this and make this public because I am after you.” When his nasty attack became public, LePage went on to challenge Gattine to a duel.[22]

A few days later, when the controversy showed no signs of dying down, LePage was compelled to deny he had “mental health issues” and that he was not an alcoholic or drug addict.

In some instances, American wannabe leaders are completely batty. Mike Kravitz, a New Jersey Republican running for local office, publicly called for journalist Olivia Nuzzi to be raped.[23]

A classless Missouri Republican candidate running for the Senate claimed “legitimate rape” rarely causes pregnancy. “If it’s legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down,” Todd Akin said in an interview aired on KTVI-TV.[24]

U.S. Vice President and longtime Delaware Senator Joe Biden has absolutely no achievement to his credit despite a four-decades-long career in politics. While campaigning for President, the lazy, classless moron stole UK Labor leader Neil Kinnock’s speech.

President Donald Trump has sneered and spewed venom at women he does not consider pretty, mocked people with disabilities and launched dreadful racist tirades against Muslims and Mexicans.

In a loathsome incident but totally in line with his classless and inhumane personality, Trump mercilessly mocked disabled reporter Serge Kovaleski at a campaign event in South Carolina in November 2015.

Judges, reporters, rivals, TV talk show hosts, Presidents, immigrants and Senators have been at the receiving end of Trump’s crude offensives.

Fat pig, dog, slob, animal, ugly face, degenerate, grotesque and disgusting pig are some of the abuses Donald Trump, the forty-fifth President of America, has flung at women.

Trump is so classless that on TV he once talked about his then one-year-old daughter Tiffany and wondered if the infant would develop breasts like her mother (Marla Maples). Asked about his daughter, Trump told host Robin Leach:

“Well, I think that she’s got a lot of Marla, she’s a really beautiful baby, and she’s, uh, she’s got Marla’s legs. We don’t know whether or not she’s got this part yet [moving his arms up to his chest]. But time will tell.”[25]

Trump is also a proponent of “pussy-grabbing” once telling TV personality Billy Bush on tape: “You know, I’m automatically attracted to beautiful — I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything …. Grab ‘em by the pussy. You can do anything.”[26]

Such gross classlessness, of course, delights a lot of White Sonderkommandos who voted Trump as the Republican nominee for President in July 2016. A few months later, voters elected this classless scumbag Trump as their next President.

No matter his repeated classless behavior, Donald Trump’s fans love him because their leader, who will “Make America Great Again,” has no time to be politically correct.

But Trump’s rivals like Hillary Clinton, Carly Fiorina, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz are also hardly epitomes of class.

In a July 2016 CBS News/NYT poll, 67% of Americans considered Hillary dishonest and untrustworthy.[27]

So it was hardly surprising there was no spark in her 2016 presidential campaign other than the weak and self-serving “I’m with Her” nonsense.

Hillary Clinton slammed Black kids as “Super Predators” in 1996 and supported her philandering husband’s insane crime bill and prison expansion program that devastated the African American community by throwing several hundred thousand Blacks into a vast network of gulags for non-violent crimes. In 2016, this monster, Hillary, had the gall to seek the Black vote.

Of course, a lot of my dear Black stupidos voted for her in the 2016 presidential elections. Hillary got 88% of the Black vote compared to 8% for Trump.[28]

I felt no sympathy for Hillary when the “basket of deplorables” and the low Democratic turnout ended her political career on November 8, 2016.[29]

Failed Republican candidate Carly Fiorina has zero respect for American workers.

Jeb Bush just can’t stop the nonsense of how his brother George W. Bush kept America safe when in truth his sibling did exactly the opposite.

Hey, there must be a God after all since both Jeb Bush and Cary Fiorina failed to survive Trump’s goring.

The bizarre love of American Sonderkommandos for sick fucks sometimes extends to whacko government officials too.

The late FBI director J. Edgar Hoover was a beast and ruined countless innocent lives in his crazy search for Communists.

But Hoover remained a favorite of the Sonderkommandos until the end. In a Gallup Poll conducted one year before Hoover’s death in 1972, three-fourth of Americans rated Hoover’s job performance as excellent or good.[30]

Looking Down on Education

In the United States of Little Minds, the unwashed masses have always looked down upon the college educated and the learned.

Well-educated people are looked upon with suspicion while the ignorant and less educated are lauded as simple, straight-forward people without guile.

Many years ago, when I asked for the Sunday New York Times at a convenience store in a mid-Atlantic state the White trash girl at the counter sniggered at me. She looked at her colleague and sarcastically yelped, “He wants the “Noo Yak Times” as if I’d committed a cardinal sin. (The Times was a better paper those days, not the rag it’s turned into now after several cost-cutting exercises and frequent layoffs.)

Contempt and disdain for education and knowledge is not new in the United States of Philistines. It’s as old as the republic itself.

Over 200 years back, a North Carolina jackass declared: “College learned persons give themselves great airs, are proud, and the fewer of them we have among us the better …. Who wants Latin and Greek and abstruse mathematics … in a country like this?”[31]

At my local library on the East Coast, the 11-volumes of Will Durant’s splendid multi-volume history, The Story of Civilization, lie in a forlorn state in the “Used Books for Sale” bin. Although the volumes cost just $1 each, there are no takers.

In the United States of Little Minds, to be educated, to be knowledgable and to open the mind to the fresh air of new ideas is a great sin in the eyes of millions of dolts who consider their ignorance a badge of honor.

On November 8, 2016, unlettered White Sonderkommandos in the large cities and small towns expressed their ressentiment by delivering a 50,000-volt shock to America — these tail-less bonobos voted for the utterly classless Donald Trump and made him the nation’s 45th President.

Kim, America is the largest meeting ground of small minds.

Look at Our Kids

American kids are scholastic under-performers with over-achieving personalities.

For over two decades, American school children have been faring poorly compared to their Asian and European peers.

In the 2015 Program for International Assessment, the math scores of American children (470) fell below the international average of 490.

Scores in reading and science for American kids were the same as the international average.

“We’re losing ground — a troubling prospect when, in today’s knowledge-based economy, the best jobs can go anywhere in the world,” lamented former U.S. Education Secretary John B. King Jr.[32]

Given under-investment in the K-12 education system for several years, it’s hardly surprising American school children are falling behind Asian kids.

Plus, in a nation where children prize goofing, dating, sexting and fornicating as the highest virtues it’s unrealistic to expect them to excel in STEM or other academic pursuits.

Inside America, higher-performing Asian Americans are looked down upon by peers and ridiculed as nerds.

Without the entrenched anti-Asian American racial admission policies that are in place at ivy league universities like Harvard and Princeton, White kids in America would find it impossible to get into elite academic institutions.

Although they are a minority in New York City, Asian-American kids dominate admission to the city’s elite high schools. For the 2017 academic year, Asian-Americans accounted for 52.5% of selections (White kids accounted for 28% and Blacks for 3.8%).[33]

If you take out the achievements of Asian-American kids, American academic performance in schools, colleges and universities would tumble below Niger or South Sudan.

Look at Our Sex Offenders

Everywhere you look in America, there are sex offenders.

One of my former neighbors was a rapist who spent several years in prison and is now a registered sex offender.

As of 2015, there were 843,260 registered sex offenders in America. These are people who have preyed on children, molested friends, family members or strangers, downloaded or trafficked child porn, or committed rape.

Every day, brings more reports about American perverts from the government agency ICE.

In the twenty-first century, America is one huge Pervert Park where every sexual fetish Marquis de Sade could dream up is quickly turned into reality.

Gaping asses, gagging throats, going Black, greening Phoenix, ATM, giving facials, there is no taboo American sex fiends will not violate in their eternal quest for the latest in grotesquerie and perversity.

American school teachers molest children with monotonous frequency, foster homes are magnets for sex-crimes, child porn is a strong lure for police officers, firefighters, blue-collar and white-collar workers, and rape outside and inside prison is not infrequent.[34]

Such is the love of America’s crazies for sex with animals that publicity hound Sheriff Joe Arpaio organizes stings to nab perps who delight in fucking goats, sheep, dogs and a medley of other helpless animals. On his Facebook Page, Sheriff Arpaio boasted of the 10th arrest for bestiality in Maricopa County (Arizona).[35]

Arpaio’s bestiality arrests are for just one county. Since there are hundreds of counties in the United States, you can imagine the sheer number of American weirdos mounting or being mounted every day by dogs, cats, horses, cows, pigs, raccoons, bulls, seagulls, rats, goats, etc.

Thanks to the hordes of depraved monsters, the police in America have plenty of low-hanging fruit to arrest and lock up.

In the United States of Perversity, police stings to nab depraved sex nuts are as common as Donald Trump’s lies.

Without the daily sex stings to nab depraved Sonderkommandos, thousands of police officers in America would have to be laid off.


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