American Obsession – Saving China

“There is no job that is America’s God-given right anymore.”[1]
– Former HP CEO Carly Fiorina

Dear Kim Moon-shine,

I’m extremely distressed about your behavior.

When we met in Mexico on July 2, 2016, you assured me you’d kicked the marijuana habit.

And what do I watch on SEENN today!

A picture of Kim Moon-shine with a reefer in the left hand.

Disgusting as your addiction is, the embarrassing pictures are coming out during your national anti-drugs drive.[2]

My dear friend Kim Loon-shine obviously spared the rod in your younger days.

In the interests of good health, I urge you to quit immediately. If you’re desperate for a high, surely there must be a traitor somewhere in North Livia waiting to be fed to your pack of hungry dogs.

During our recent meeting at Mexico, you asked me about America’s obsession with outsourcing and how it differs from the North Livian model. Since I was in a hurry I couldn’t dwell at length on your question.

I will address American outsourcing today.

Saving China

Outsourcing is merely one of many arrows in the satanic quiver of the American government and its giant corporations.

Because of massive outsourcing, American men who used to walk with their head held high now straggle about like recently castrated slaves in Nero’s Rome.

How blessed the people of the Democratic People’s Republic of Livia are not to be cursed by the American scourge of outsourcing.

Kim, I applaud the North Livian model of outsourcing where carefully selected local people are permitted to go and work in China and Russia.

The American model of outsourcing is completely different and works against the interests of people.

While the North Livian model is aimed at saving its people by helping them earn money in China, the American model of outsourcing is geared toward saving the poor people of China, Mexico, India, Philippines and Bangladesh.

Outsourcing to China alone (obvious in the high trade deficit) has cost 3.2 million American jobs from 2001-13, according to the Economic Policy Institute.[3]

I estimate the total loss of American jobs in manufacturing and services to China, Mexico, India, Philippines, Bangladesh and other countries at over eight million.

In recent months, I’ve seen dollar stores expand foreign-made products even to their food aisles (cookies made in Colombia, Mexico and India and coffee powder from Vietnam).

Of course, unemployed and hungry Americans can sleep well knowing that they’ve done their bit to helping the poor in China, Bangladesh, Mexico and Vietnam.

Jesus would be pleased with selfless Americans.

Dildos, Hookers & Software

Since variety is the spice of American life, it has embraced three kinds of outsourcing.

First, there’s the Dildo or product outsourcing.

Manufacture of Android devices, dildos, sex dolls, iPhones, computers, desks, chairs, bras, thongs, jeans and a gazillion other stuff typically go to low-wage China, Mexico, Taiwan, Bangladesh, Nicaragua, etc.

Second, America has services outsourcing.

America outsources services like high-end prostitution to pretty Eastern European girls, low-end prostitution and massages to Chinese, Thai and Filipino girls and software development or tech support to Indians, Mexicans and Filipinos.

America's Outsourcing Strategy Saves China

Finally, there’s outsourcing of traditional government functions like army, intelligence, interrogation of military prisoners (including torture), prisons, immigration detention facilities or medical care inside prisons to private corporations. This kind of outsourcing (a.k.a. privatization) is prone to corruption, tends to cut down quality of service and drags down wages since high profits is the goal of corporations that win privatization contracts through lobbying and campaign donations.

All three kinds of outsourcing are extremely injurious financially to the American people.

Outsourcing of well-paying jobs to foreign countries and to visitors on H1-B and L visas has emasculated millions of Americans.

Americans earning good salaries suddenly find themselves jobless and forced to work for minimum wage at Starbucks, motels, liquor stores and grocery stores.

I’m now starting to see middle-aged Americans working as greeters at Walmart stores.

All American White hookers, who used to make a good living blowing and screwing middle class Jeremys, Henrys and Mikes, now service Indian truck drivers Dildar Singh and Milka Singh at rest areas on the New Jersey Turnpike or I-95 highway.

Of course, fired American workers can do yard work or “landscaping” (a fancy way of saying lawn-mowing) but then they’d struggle to compete against the illegal Latinos who have cornered the yard work market in this country.

Without jobs, American Sonderkommandos, who feasted on caviar, steak, sushi and kimchi, sipped champagne, vacationed in Bahamas, honeymooned in Bora Bora and went on Alaskan cruises will forage for roots, grass and tree bark.

Kim, do you recollect how your starving people foraged for food during the terrible North Livian famines of the mid-1990s and 2010?[4]


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