America’s Head Chopping Friends

“The Saudis have beheaded at least as many people as ISIS has….But people don’t know anything about it. It doesn’t make the news.”
– Jennifer Lowenstein[1]

Dear Kim Moon-shine,

Your perceptive questions on the morbid nature of U.S. foreign policy set me thinking about America’s frequent alliances with head choppers and brutal dictators in Asia, Africa, Europe and South America.

Let me illustrate America’s morbid foreign policy by discussing the nation’s decades-long partnership with Saudi Arabia.

A sicker despotic regime than Saudi Arabia, with its long history of daily human rights violations, denial of basic freedoms for women, support for Jihadists and the wild excesses of its morality police, is hard to find.

Yet, Saudi Arabia remains a close American ally because of this Satanic nation’s lust for, and addiction to, cheap oil. Not to forget the greed of the U.S. military-industrial complex to sell weapons to despotic regimes.

Worse, millions of American Sonderkommandos, seeped in vice and drowning in a cesspool of lust, have fleeting memories of Saudi Arabia’s role in facilitating 9/11.

Fleeting Memories

Kim, memory is a funny thing and has many tricks up its long sleeve

Sometimes memory is fleeting, like stuff in memory/RAM chips.

On other occasions, memory exaggerates reality.

In a few instances, memory is completely false.

Only in a rare instance does human memory act like a Samsung EVO Solid State Drive, accurately capturing reality.

Engaged in the pursuit of pleasure or the thrills of shopping, American Sonderkommandos suffer from short memories about the perfidies of Saudi Arabia.

Of the 19 hijackers who unleashed horror on America on 9/11 (bringing down the twin towers, killing thousands and crashing a plane into the Pentagon), 15 were Saudi nationals.[2]

Plus, 9/11 mastermind Osama bin Laden was born and grew up in Saudi Arabia.

Saudis are also notorious for their insane fetish of head-chopping.

Head Choppers

Kim, are you aware that Saudi Arabia chops off more heads than ISIS?

Majority of executions in Saudi Arabia are done by the sword after conviction in kangaroo courts (only a small number of people sentenced to death in the kingdom are dispatched by a firing squad).

Head-chopping in Saudi Arabia is done in public, in accordance with Sharia Law, with large crowds gathering to watch the grisly ceremony.

Grounds for head-chopping in Saudi Arabia include adultery, witchcraft, murder, burglary, sorcery, blasphemy, idolatry, atheism, homosexuality, drug smuggling, home invasion, waging war on God, rape, political crimes and murder.[3]

In Saudi Arabia, at least 157 people had their head separated from their body in 2015 after conviction in dubious trials.[4]

If the victim is lucky, the head is separated from his body after the first chop and merciful death comes in an instant.

Jeff Bezos with Saudi Crown Prince in Seattle

Jeff Bezos with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman
(Photo Courtesy: The intercept)

Sometimes the swordsman does a lousy job and the victim has to endure multiple chops before life ebbs out of him. Often, the head rolls several meters from the body when it’s chopped off.

The relentless pace of head-chopping in Saudi Arabia continues in 2016.

On a single day in 2016 (January 2), 47 people were executed in Saudi Arabia, all but three by head-chopping.

French news agency Agence France-Presse calculated that 134 persons were executed in Saudi Arabia in 2016 by mid-October.[5]

Although America has no issue with the relentless pace of head-chopping in Saudi Arabia, civilized people outside are appalled by the executions.

“In Saudi Arabia, where people are routinely sentenced to death after grossly unfair trials, we have seen a dramatic surge in the number of executions in the past two years which has shown no sign of abating in 2016,” Amnesty International spokesperson Sara Hashah told UK newspaper The Independent.[6]

Even women are not spared in Saudi Arabia. A few decades back, a princess was executed for adultery. (If American women were ever to be executed for adultery, homosexuality and bestiality would skyrocket in USA since few women would be left in this nation.)

Of course, a monarchy that delights in head-chopping would obviously have no qualms about torture.

Torture is common in Saudi Arabia to extract confessions (just like it used to be at the Chicago Police Department a few years back).

Even the wealthy and powerful cannot escape the trauma of torture in Saudi Arabia.

In late 2017, several Saudi billionaires were held hostage in the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Riyadh where they were tortured and forced to disgorge some of their billions to the Saudi government.

Saudi writers accused of blasphemy are fed watermelon so that their bladders are filled and then have their penises tied to prevent urination.

Such sickening torture causes excruciating agony to the victims.[7]

Besides the watermelon torture, Saudi police and prison guards have devised a variety of other painful impositions.

Detergent is forced down the throats of prisoners, chemicals are stuffed into mouths, victims are beaten by police with hoses, and electrocution to various parts of the body are other popular torture techniques in Saudi Arabia, according to a Human Rights Watch memorandum submitted to the United Nations Committee Against Torture in April 2016.[8]

Stoning and amputations of hands, legs and tongues are also not uncommon in Saudi Arabia.

Human rights, freedom of speech and religious freedom are words that do not exist in the Saudi lexicon.

In their shared love for brutality, the U.S. and Saudi Arabia are joined at the hip and American schmegeggies believe in the weird fiction of Saudi Arabia as a close ally that will guarantee an endless supply of cheap oil forever and serve as a market for the military-industrial complex.

Hate Mongers

Saudi Arabia is less a nation than a vast breeding ground for terrorism thanks to the strong influence of the country’s extremist Wahhabi clerics.

Through its embrace of Wahhabism, the Saudi monarchy encourages extreme Jihadism by funding Madrasas (Islamic schools that are basically hate centers) in dozens of nations.

Tens of thousands of young children at Saudi funded Madrasas in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Somalia, Yemen, Sudan, India, Indonesia and Malaysia are taught at a tender age to abhor America and hate all non-Muslims.

In the last three decades, Saudi funding of hate centers and covert support to violent extremists has endangered peace and killed thousands across dozens of countries in Asia and Africa.

Saudi donors are the biggest sponsors of Sunni terrorist groups, according to an internal memo American Sonderführer Hillary Clinton wrote when she was Secretary of State.[9]

Professor Noam Chomsky, a long-time critic of American foreign policy, does not mince his words on Saudi Arabia.

“Among Islamic states, Saudi Arabia is far in the lead as a sponsor of Islamic terror, not only through direct funding by wealthy Saudis and others in the Gulf but even more by the missionary zeal with which the Saudis promulgate their extremist Wahhabi-Salafi version of Islam through Koranic schools, mosques, clerics, and other means available to religious dictatorship with enormous oil wealth. ISIS is an extremist offshoot of Saudi religious extremism and its fanning of jihadi flames,” Chomsky writes in his book Who Rules the World?[10]

Several thousand Saudi nationals once fought for Al Qaeda and now fight for ISIS.

Yet, American leaders and top officials can’t stop blowing Saudi Arabia.

In the blather of former CIA Director John Brennan, the Saudis are “among our very best counterterrorism partners globally.”[11]

What world does John Brennan live in where the foremost terrorist supporter becomes the “very best” counterterrorism partner?

Saudi Arabia has been engaged in merciless, relentless bombing of Yemen (using American weapons) from September 2015 through March 2018.

How Cool! Saudis will now buy more arms from America.

Saudi Arabia’s overall arms imports (from the U.S, UK, etc.) surged 275% in the 2011-2015 period compared to 2006-2010.[12]

During President Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia in May 2017, he signed an arms deal for $110 billion although some critics labeled it “Fake News.”[13]

Killing Journalists

When Saudi journalist Jamal AhmadKhashoggi walked into the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul on October 2, 2018, little did he know that within a few minutes he’d be brutally tortured and beheaded.[14]

Angry over Khashoggi’s critical articles on the kingdom, Saudi agents close to Crown Prince Mohammad Bone Saw aka Mohammad Bin Sultan tortured, killed and dismembered the journalist with a bone saw.

Turkish intelligence reports say Khashoggi’s fingers were cut off during his brutal interrogation by the Saudi and the man was then decapitated.[15]

Saudi Arabia denied involvement in Khashoggi’s killing/disappearance but could not provide any evidence to back up its lies.

Video evidence exists of Khashoggi walking into the consulate but there’s none of him walking out.

Since Saudi Arabia is a close ally of America, President Donald Trump was giving his Saudi buddies the benefit of doubt and advised people against rushing to judgment. Trump’s critics charged him with providing cover to Saudi Arabia for its horrific deed.

But Trump remains unfazed by criticism.

That’s not surprising because America does not want to jeopardize cheap oil imports or the $110 billion arms deal Trump signed with Saudi Arabia in May 2017 during his first overseas visit after becoming President.

Saudi Atrocities

America’s second closest ally in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia is a huge buyer of U.S. military weapons, provides room for a massive military base in the Middle East and sits on a gazillion barrels of oil.

So Saudi Arabia can do no wrong in America’s eyes.

American Sonderführers and Sonderkommandos don’t care if the majority of 9/11 attackers were Saudis. The barbaric Kingdom continues to be a close American ally.

Who cares if Saudi Arabia refused to allow women to drive for decades. Only in 2018 are women finally getting permission to drive.

Tens of billions of Saudi petrodollars pour into America’s military-industrial complex.

Saudi Arabia is now the third largest military spender, according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute.[16]

Who cares if women are not allowed to step outside their home without covering their faces and bodies with a black dress.

Saudi women must wear the black chador in public and require the permission of a man to open a bank account, work or travel.

Despite the many depravities of the Saudi regime, only the Jewish nation of Israel stands ahead of Saudi Arabia in the Middle East in closeness to America.

Ruining Yemen

In recent years, Saudi Arabia has turned its destructive impulses toward its southern neighbor Yemen and created a living nightmare for the Yemeni people.

Bolstered by solid military support from the United States, the Saudi kingdom has destroyed Yemen’s infrastructure and killed thousands of innocent civilians.

Even infants and children have not been spared the devastating air-strikes of Saudi bombers.

“Hospitals, factories, water mains, sewage facilities, bridges and roads have all been demolished in bombing raids. The Saudi coalition, with help from the Unites States, has blockaded Yemen’s ports and rendered it dangerous for civilian aircraft to fly over the country, making it difficult for aid agencies or businesses to bring goods into Sanaa’s airport and for wounded Yemenis to go abroad for treatment,” writes Harvard Research Fellow and Yemen expert Asher Orkaby in Foreign Affairs.[17]

Primarily because of the Saudi intervention and attacks, famine stalks Yemen and cholera has taken the lives of several thousand people.

Americans care little if Saudi Arabia’s illegal war against Yemen (including airstrikes against funerals) has ruined the poor nation and brought its people to famine.[18]

With American military support in the form of weapons, refueling of planes and “intelligence” information on targets, Saudi Arabia has been raining bombs on Yemen for two years killing thousands of civilians including children.

Saudi atrocities in Yemen have helped Al Qaeda expand its presence in several parts of the country.

On October 8, 2016, Saudi aircraft bombed a funeral in Yemen’s capital Sanaa killing 140 and wounding 600. Several of the dead were burned or mutilated horribly (some of them beyond recognition).

Of course, the bombs used by the Saudis in the airstrike on the funeral came from America – GBU-12 Paveway II 500-pound laser-guided bombs.

The airstrike on the crowded funeral should not have come as a surprise. After all, previously, the Saudis had attacked and bombed hospitals, schools, weddings, markets and homes.

Nobody in America gives a rat’s ass if a few thousand poor Yemeni nationals are killed. It’s not as if they live in splendid apartments on Park Avenue.

As long as Saudi Arabia spends billions on U.S. weapons and supplies cheap oil to the American Sonderkommandos, the Saudis can bomb Yemen into the stone age without any qualms.

Saudi War Crimes

In a just world, the political leadership of Saudi Arabia would be hauled up for its war crimes against the Yemeni people.

But as long as the kingdom enjoys American support, the Saudi king and the top princes enjoy immunity for any action against Yemen.

By January 2017, over 10,000 civilians had died in Yemen because of relentless air strikes by Saudi Arabia. Millions of Yemenis have been displaced from their homes because of the war.

Abetted by American weapons and intelligence information, Saudi Arabia’s bombing of Yemen is one of the biggest war crimes of the twenty-first century.

By late March 2017, the Saudi bombing of Yemen had created a massive starvation emergency in the poor nation. U.S. officials acknowledged that 60% of Yemen’s population had become food insecure.[19]

Rule of Crazies

Americans make fun of North Korea’s “prescribed” hairstyles.

But Saudi Arabia is no different.

Saudi Arabia thinks some hairstyles are un-Islamic and wants to “ban the qazza phenomenon.”[20]

It matters little to American Sonderkommandos that Saudi Arabia does not allow women to enter Starbucks. No kidding![21]

At McDonald’s locations in Saudi Arabia, there are separate ordering counters and seating sections for women.

Saudi mistreatment of women is a guidepost to American conservatives.

Once America bans abortion completely, it’ll be time to cancel driving licenses of our women and go the Mormon way, i.e. turn a blind eye to polygamy just like the Saudis.

America has always turned a nelson’s eye to the many atrocities in Saudi Arabia – against women, against minorities, against protesters, against other religions, against foreign workers, against a free press and against the idea of civilization itself.

On the eve of President Barack Obama’s visit to Saudi Arabia in April 2016 to mend frayed relations, the New York Times wrote a lengthy piece about relations between the two nations:

“Saudi Arabia knew that in exchange for a steady flow of oil and billions of dollars for the American arms industry, the United States would come to the rescue if its ally faced an external threat — and that it would never speak out too loudly about the kingdom’s closed political system or its poor human rights record.”[22]

What that means is that with enough money you can get America to do your bidding and ignore such quaint notions like democracy, equality for women and a fair justice system.

Brotherhood of Savages

Since the times of Franklin D. Roosevelt, America has enjoyed a cosy relationship with Saudi Arabia.[23]

Ignore all the platitudes from American Sonderkommandos and our Sonderführers about Democracy, Freedom, Human Rights and other such drivel. These shibboleths are meant for the consumption of idiots and to support the false narrative of America as a democratic bastion of freedom.

Truth be damned!

Saudi Arabia and America share a fundamental philosophy — Lack of belief in Democracy and an abiding faith in sadism and corruption.

America and Saudi Arabia are barbarians of the same feather.

Like the degenerate Saudi monarchy, America’s Sonderführers are hopelessly corrupt.

Saudi Arabia routinely chops off hands, legs and necks of prisoners after trials in Kangaroo courts.

Racist America routinely imprisons Blacks for several decades, stops, frisks, assaults and kills Blacks on streets, and places children and adults in solitary confinement.

U.S. execution rate is the highest in the so called “civilized” world and its drones have killed countless innocent people in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Where Saudi Arabia has the upper hand over America is in official executions.

America is just not “frying” as many people as it used to.

Time to get America’s execution ovens burning full steam.

No one in their right mind should be the least bit surprised that the House of Saud has donated tens of millions to the Clinton Foundation.[24]

Podesta Group (run by Clintons’ buddy and Hillary Clinton’s campaign bundler Tony Podesta) is the P.R. firm for Saudi Arabia in Washington DC.

No matter who is the President of the United States of Savages, you can be sure American foreign policy toward Saudi Arabia will not change significantly.

After Trump became President in January 2017, the U.S. State Department approved resumption of sales of precision guided bombs to Saudi Arabia (the Obama administration had halted sales of these precision bombs in October 2016 after Saudi Arabia used them against funerals in Yemen).[25]

Fraying Ties

After decades of deep-throating each other, relationship between America and Saudi Arabia entered an uneasy stage in the second half of 2016 in the final phase of the Obama administration.

There was considerable irritation on both sides, particularly since America’s nuclear deal with Iran (a Shiite Muslim nation loathed by Sunni majority Saudi Arabia) and the lifting of sanctions against the Persians.

Low oil prices caused internal tensions to come to the fore in Saudi Arabia and there was talk of a power struggle between the Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Sultan and other members of the royal family including with oil minister Ali al-Naimi.[26]

The Salman Doctrine of “increased self-reliance and more assertiveness in regional affairs” is causing much angst in the American Defense and State departments.[27]

American diplomats are also uneasy at Saudi Arabia’s plans to build a military alliance of Muslim countries.

But what’s a few minor spats among savages donning the same war-paint on their scary faces!

In any case, the bonhomie between the head-choppers and America returned after Donald Trump became President.

By March 2018, Saudi military jets were flying 200 missions a day in Yemen and the head-choppers were asking America for more precision-guided missiles and bombs.[28]

Karma Gospel Notes

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