Angels of Death

“The United States is unique among advanced nations in not guaranteeing basic health care to citizens. How can this be a sound moral and ethical proposition in a country that promulgates fairness, equal opportunity and the potential of the American Dream? American exceptionalism, the for-profit health care industry, and physician concerns over income are the root causes that have hindered progress toward universal health care.”

Dear Kim Moon-shine,

It pleases me a great deal to learn from your last letter that North Livia has a robust healthcare system for its citizens.

You write that although medical supplies are occasionally short because of Western sanctions, North Livia has a strong national hospital network providing good-quality, free medical care to its 25-million people.

Dr. Josef MengeleNazi Angel of Death – Dr. Josef Mengele

I also noticed your pride in the absence of HIV/AIDS in North Livia. That is nothing short of a miracle.[2]

Here in America, the healthcare system is geared toward increasing the agony of patients and maximizing profits of providers (doctors, hospitals, etc.).

Disregard for human life in healthcare settings (be it a hospital, nursing home or emergency room) is common in the United States of Callousness.

If America is a hopelessly sick nation, then some of the responsibility must be assigned where it belongs — to its vast trove of sick beasts and perverts a.k.a. Doctors.

The catalog of American hospitals and doctors’ sins would fill several encyclopedias.

Tens of thousands of Americans have died because they could not afford the astronomical healthcare fees from the trifecta of doctors, hospitals and pharma companies.

Millions of poor Americans suffer from daily pain because they cannot afford to see a doctor or dentist.

Like Lady Macbeth, America’s doctors have blood on their hands.

In exceptional America, it’s not uncommon to see people slammed with huge medical bills begging strangers for donations at crowdfunding sites.

Unsurprisingly, America’s doctors account for a huge proportion (16%) of the nation’s 1% extremely wealthy elite whose stubborn resistance thwart even minor efforts at redistributive justice.[3]

Sick Beasts

America’s doctors have been sick beasts for decades.

These greedy swines have always put their high private profits ahead of the public health.

Nowhere on this woebegone planet do doctors charge so much as the men and women donning white coats in America.

Even minor medical procedures can cost thousands of dollars for those without insurance.

On multiple occasions, America’s doctors have opposed moves to improve the healthcare of the people.

In the early 1960s, the American Medical Association (the leading association of doctors) hired über-whacko Ronald Reagan to oppose the Medicare healthcare program for the elderly.

Before that, the nation’s doctors opposed President Harry Truman’s national health insurance program.

Here’s what New Yorker magazine had to say about the doctors’ opposition to President Truman’s proposal: “The American Medical Association conducted the most expensive lobbying effort to that date in opposition to Truman’s health-care plan, which it branded as “un-American” and “socialized medicine.” Charging that the Truman Administration consisted of “followers of the Moscow party line,” the A.M.A. worked closely with the conservative coalition in Congress to kill the measure in committee. By 1950, the proposal was dead.”[4]

President John F. Kennedy’s Medicare proposal also drew strong criticism from America’s doctors. The American Medical Association hired the scumbag, Ronald Reagan, to oppose Kennedy’s Medicare proposal.

Because of strong opposition from the AMA and Republicans, Kennedy’s Medical Care for the Aged bill failed by two votes.

The AMA also opposed Hillary Clinton’s healthcare reform initiative in the early 1990s and poured millions into a lobbying and TV ad campaign to defeat it.[5]

In the twenty-first century, America’s emergency room doctors have been running amok by sending huge “out of network” bills to patients even with health insurance. These so called “surprise bills” are causing much economic distress to patients. Efforts by several states to limit the maximum amount of fees from these out of network “surprise bills” are encountering strong resistance from doctors.[6]

Bottom line, if a program provides good healthcare to the public at reasonable costs, you can be sure America’s doctors will oppose it tooth and nail and spend millions of dollars in lobbying and advertising to defeat it.

Such is the fiendish nature of America’s doctors.

In truth, America’s sick fuck doctors are no different from the Nazi Angel of Death a.k.a. Dr. Josef Mengele, who conducted horrific experiments on living prisoners (both young and old).[7]

No Money, No Eyes

My family eye specialist Dr. X hails from an immigrant family.

This doctor, who has suffered serious medical problems of his own in the past, has little sympathy for uninsured Americans.

The staff at his medical practice will not let uninsured people see the doctor without receiving payment in advance at the front desk.

Even when patients plead their impoverished status, this beastly doctor charges $75-$90 for a three-minute examination. And that fee of $75-$90 for a three-minute examination is his discounted fee.

Alas, Dr. X is not an exception in the United States of Perverts.

Across the benighted nation, America’s serial perverts a.k.a. Doctors are cold blooded in their refusal to treat the sick unless their hands are greased with mucho dollars.

Other American doctors are no different. My regular eye doctor charges $250 for a routine eye exam if you don’t have insurance.

Countless American doctors have scant regard for their patients’ health and see suffering patients only as milch cows to be milked until their death.

Such is the reputation of America as the promised land and El Dorado for medical professionals that Asian doctors and dentists in Canada, United Kingdom, Pakistan and India rush to the U.S. so that they can mint money here.[8]

Hospital Dumping
America’s medical community leaves no stone unturned in its mission to inflict more pain on the most sick and vulnerable.

One of the worst practices of America’s hospitals is Patient Dumping.

In plain English, patient dumping refers to the practice of throwing out poor and uninsured people after going through the motions of treating them.

Without the active connivance of doctors, patient dumping would be impossible at American hospitals.

Patient dumping is a practice that happens at hospitals across America. Media reports speak of patient dumping in Los Angeles, Baltimore, Washington DC, Chicago and Memphis.[9]

Even patients with dementia or those going through a psychotic episode are not spared the agony of being dumped on the street.

On a freezing cold night in January 2018, the University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore dumped an African-American woman who was having a psychotic episode. The woman was clothed in just a hospital gown and socks when she was dumped at a nearby bus stop.[10]

Medical Apartheid

Of course, America’s doctors have been at the forefront of making the lives of the nation’s Blacks more miserable than it already was.

In Medical Apartheid, author Harriet A. Washington has documented how doctors across America have played havoc with the lives of Black people who were unfortunate enough to come under their care.[11]

Over several decades, this nation’s doctors have performed gruesome experiments on Blacks in the happy knowledge that there would be no consequences to their careers.

Tuskegee was not the exception when it came to abuse of Black patients but more like a norm.

The list of such gruesome experiments performed by America’s Mengeles is long. Let’s look at a few of the tragic experiments.

One unfortunate Black truck driver, Ebb Cade, was injected with 4.7 micrograms of the radioactive Plutonium (41 times the normal lifetime exposure of any person) at a Tennessee hospital to study at what dosage Plutonium causes blood cancer or other serious illness.

“Between 1944 and 1994 the [U.S. Atomic Energy Commission] supported more than two thousand experimental projects utilizing radiation and human subjects. Overall, Blacks were at higher risk than Whites of being subjected to these harmful non-therapeutic experiments,” writes Washington.[12]

Sex Fiends

Some of America’s doctors prey upon their patients in more deviant ways and figure among the nation’s most notorious sex fiends.

A few of these perverts have been exposed while the vast majority calmly continue their sexual predations in the certitude that they will never be caught and held accountable.

Like Nabokov’s Humbert Humbert, countless American doctors have turned the dark fantasies into reality by focusing their deviant sexual impulses on young, under-aged girls.

Sports doctor Larry Nassar earned himself a place in the record book of American serial sex predator doctors. By early February 2018, some 265 girls had accused Nassar, a sports doctor, of molesting them under the guise of treating them. The FBI found 37,000 child porn pictures on Nassar’s computer. Dr. Nassar has already been convicted of various sex crimes involving minors and will spend the rest of his earthly life in prison.[13]

Alas, Dr. Nassar is no exception in the United States of Perverts.

Comb through America’s newspapers and you’ll find plenty of Dr. Levys in America in the form of Dr. Nikita Levy, Dr. Earl Bradley, Dr. Rakesh Punn, et al.

Using hidden cameras, Johns Hopkins gynecologist Nikita Levy took sexually explicit photos and videos of his patients.[14]

Dr. Levy’s nasty practice of secretly photographing patients, using cameras hidden in pens and elsewhere, continued for several years.

As usual, the police had no idea of the sordid games Dr. Levy was up to.

Only in February 2013 was Dr. Levy caught when a co-worker noticed the pen-camera and discovered the cache of photos and videos.

Then the police were brought in, albeit belatedly.

Dr. Levy quickly committed suicide leaving behind a shocked family and a famous hospital that was soon drowning in lawsuits.

Thousands of Dr. Levy’s patients joined together and filed a class action lawsuit against Johns Hopkins Hospital.

With help from a large covey of lawyers, these patients described their trauma, nightmares, sleeplessness, panic attacks, feeling of shame and distrust after learning of Dr. Levy’s sick behavior.

Knowing it was totally screwed, Johns Hopkins settled with its large gaggle of accusers in July 2014 for $190 million.

Delaware pediatrician Earl Bradley was an even sicker pervert.[15]

One of America’s worst pedophiles, some of Dr. Bradley’s victims were as young as three-months.

Dr. Bradley was convicted on June 23, 2011, of 14 counts of rape, seven counts of assault, and three counts of sexual exploitation of a child.

The beastly doctor received a sentence of 14 consecutive terms of life in prison plus a further 165 years in prison without parole.

Fraud Galore

The web sites of state District Attorneys and U.S. Attorneys are rife with reports of cases filed against doctors for fraud.

The most frequent charges against doctors relate to Medicare and Medicaid fraud, and generously doling out prescription opioids.

Being lenient in dispensing prescription opioids is the fastest way for doctors to establish a lucrative medical practice.

Some doctors have written tens of thousands of prescriptions for Oxycodone, Vicodin and other opioid painkillers in just two years.

As prescription drug abuse takes a huge toll, doctors are increasingly attracting scrutiny from state investigators in Arizona, West Virginia, California, Illinois, Ohio and a few other states.

Doctors in virtually every state have been disciplined for ordering needless MRI and other scans to boost their incomes.

The coziness of doctors with pharma companies is another distressing tale of fraud contributing to the American healthcare mess.

Pharmaceutical companies lavish junkets, parties and other goodies upon doctors to get them to prescribe expensive drugs.

Speaking fees, free food and entertainment perks are other inducements that a lot of doctors gladly accept in exchange for doing the biddings of pharmaceutical companies and device manufacturers.

In line with their destructive practices, America’s doctors have also been fighting aggressively to limit damages in malpractice cases.

Upcoding Sham

Among the many frauds that U.S. doctors routinely engage in, nothing is as egregious as upcoding.

In plain English, upcoding refers to the practice of doctors billing insurance companies a high fee by showing patients to be in a critical state and therefore requiring higher level of tests and services.

In her book American Sickness, former New York Times journalist Dr. Elizabeth Rosenthal explains how “Coding creep grew even bolder—until it made no sense at all.”[16]

The illegal practice of upcoding has now been so “legitimized” by doctors and hospitals in America that to even question it would be to subject oneself to derisive laughter.

Upcoding has cost the nation billions of dollars and forced patients to shell out high amounts of money to fill the pockets of greedy doctors.

Bribes & More Bribes

America’s doctors are one of the biggest bribe takers in the world.

Sadly, very few of these bribe taking monsters donning White Coats[17]

Speaker Fees are a total sham that many doctors happily participate in for the sake of mucho dollars and a meal at a fancy restaurant.

When they’re shown a dollar bill, America’s doctors are ready to prescribe even the highly addictive Fentanyl drug.

Although Fentanyl-based drugs are meant only for cancer patients, most prescriptions for the drug come from non-oncologists.

Drug Dealers

If the prescription drugs crisis in America has reached epic proportions with millions of overdoses and thousands of deaths, a big chunk of the blame must rest on the nation’s doctors.

In a bid to quickly grow their medical practice, greedy doctors have eagerly dispensed massive doses of opioid painkillers and other prescription drugs to people.

As is now depressingly common knowledge, the opioid scourge is devastating America.

Millions have died from opioid overdoses leaving behind heartbroken families and orphans.

Few realize that America’s Sonderkommando doctors bear significant responsibility for opioid deaths.

While a lot of overdoses happen because of illegal drugs like Fentanyl, heroin and cocaine purchased from drug dealers, prescription opioids are also killing huge numbers of people (40% of total opioid-related deaths).

For several years, these greedy mongrels have mindlessly over-prescribed opioids like Oxycodone, Morphine and Hydrocodone on the grounds of relieving pain for patients.[18]

Even patients going through relatively painless surgical procedures get opioid prescriptions for dozens of pills.

A patient would get 39 opioid pills for laparoscopic gall bladder removal and 44 opioid pills for laparoscopic appendix removal, both way above what is required.[19]

When these dumbshit patients consume those pills, they quickly get addicted to opioids triggering a crisis in slow motion that often ends in a fatal overdose.

(As an aside, let me tell you that despite getting a bunch of Oxycodone pills after a neck cyst removal last year I did not take a single pill and still have them. But American Sonderkommandos have a low threshold for pain endurance and eagerly swallow all the opioids the “good” doctor generously prescribes.)

Some doctors are worse. They’re corrupt and callously prescribe opioids to anyone willing to grease their hands.

Pill-mill medical practices that dispense millions of prescription drugs to people without adequate scrutiny are not uncommon in West Virginia, Illinois, Ohio and other states.

Given the scale of the prescription drugs crisis, it’s depressing that very few doctors have been pulled up by law enforcement.

In a trifecta of corruption, drug distribution companies and pharmacies tacitly colluded with doctors to pump up supply of drugs with minimal checks and balances.[20]

Since few doctors face the legal music, they merrily continue to play Russian roulette with patients’ lives by generously doling out prescriptions for all kinds of drugs.

Even if a tall Trumpian Wall comes up on the Mexico border and all heroin, cocaine and Fentanyl shipments are stopped, America’s opioid crisis will not disappear because corrupt and greedy doctors will continue to write out millions of prescriptions for OxyContin, Hydrocodone, Oxycodone and other painkillers.

In truth, America’s doctors are the largest group of drug dealers who are mostly immune from the consequences of their deadly practices.

In America, a street corner drug dealer often ends up in jail or gets killed by rivals.

Au contraire, America’s doctor-drug dealers take home several hundred thousand dollars a year, drive late model Lexus and BMWs, live in McMansions and vacation in Bora Bora, Bahamas and other hot destinations.

Ironically, new research by Dr. Erin Krebs shows that some chronic pain patients on prescription opioids like Oxycodone and Hydrocodone fared no better than patients who received regular painkillers, i.e., non-opioid pills like Tylenol, Meloxicam, Naproxen or Acetaminophen.

Wait, the picture gets worse. After one year, those on opioid painkillers fared worse than those who got non-opioid painkillers.[21]

So why then are doctors overzealously prescribing opioid painkillers and contributing to the massive death toll every year? They are either clueless idiots or in bed with the pharma companies who wine and dine them and lavish generous gifts on these white-coated beasts.

But the tide may be beginning to turn for drug-dealing doctors.

After Trump became President and as the Fentanyl crisis turns deadlier, the authorities are going after doctors who prescribe Fentanyl-based drugs in exchange for bribes.

Two Rhode Island doctors admitted accepting kickbacks from pharma company Insys for doling out prescriptions for Fentanyl-based drugs. They will spend a long time in prison. Insys founder John Kapoor was also arrested on the eve of President Trump’s declaration of the opioid crisis as a public health emergency.[22]

Kim, don’t ever ask how low American doctors will stoop for a few silver coins. The answer will horrify even you!

Balance Billing Nonsense

America’s healthcare establishment is also complicit in the insane Balance Billing torture being inflicted on tens of thousands of people every year.

Balance Billing refers to the morbid practice of inflicting steep bills to patients unfortunate enough to have to visit emergency rooms.

The justification for Balance Bills is that the services provided are out of network and not fully covered by the insurance of the patient.

Of course, this practice is nothing but brutal exploitation of a sick man.

During a medical emergency, the patient is often not in a person to clearly discuss insurance, in-network and out-of-network issues with the provider.

Since one man’s pain is another’s pleasure in America, pension funds have invested in private equity funds that have set these exploitative Balance Billing companies.[23]

Willing Accomplices

Like Hitler’s many Nazi collaborators in the Gestapo and SS, America’s doctors are gleeful accomplices in the daily torture and murder of prisoners.

Day after day, newspapers report of prisoners deprived of basic medical care by the privatized healthcare providers inside correctional facilities.

Tens of thousands of prisoners are tortured every day by coldblooded prison doctors who dismiss inmates’ complaints of illness as phony.

In just one state (Florida), 1,800 prisoners were denied treatment for hernia.

In New Mexico, a prison doctor employed by Corizon Correctional Healthcare sexually abused inmates over several years. Corizon has paid millions of dollars to settle lawsuits bought by the inmates in connection with the sexual abuse at the Guadalupe County Correctional Facility in Santa Rosa and Northeast New Mexico Detention Facility in Clayton.[24]

Hundreds of prisoner have died agonizing deaths because of the callous greed of the doctor collaborators.

In Kansas, an inmate (Marques Davis) died an agonizing and miserable death April 13, 2017, after a fungal infection in his brain went untreated for the most part. “It feels like something is eating my brain,” Davis told his prison doctors a few months earlier. But the prison’s medical staff allegedly dismissed Davis’ complaints as phony. In his final weeks, a hopelessly confused Davis had become partially blind in his right eye, lost the ability to walk, was drinking his urine, and urinating and defecating on himself. A CT scan conducted after Davis’ death revealed fungal infection in his cerebral cortex, lung, liver and kidneys.[25]

Willful abuse and neglect of inmates by the Nazi doctors working for private healthcare companies is common in dozens of states across America.

Inmate medical complaints regarding neglect of their health issues has been rising in Indiana, Florida, Delaware and every state.

In Delaware, so merciless was abuse and neglect of patients by doctors working for private correctional healthcare providers that the federal government was compelled to step in.[26]

Delaware reached a consent decree with the U.S. Justice Department and promised to improve medical care for inmates. But the improvements did not last long.

The inmates’ revolt and siege at the Vaughn Correctional facility in Smyrna (Delaware) of February 2017 was partly in response to poor medical care.

Indiana settled dozens of lawsuits by inmates over poor medical care inside its correctional facilities.

Brutal neglect and systematic abuse of inmates by Nazi doctors is the norm in prisons across America.

Without the happy collaboration by our Nazi doctors, private healthcare providers would not be able to engage in brutal cost-cutting and maximize their profits.

Nurse Practitioners

It’s the insane greed of America’s doctors that has created a new category of providers called nurse practitioners.

These nurse practitioners are obviously not doctors and yet in state after state they’re now treating the sick and ailing.

In several states, the law now allows nurse practitioners to treat patients even when no doctor is around.

Since a lot of doctors refuse to work in prisons because of what they consider low pay, American prisons are now chockfull of nurse practitioners who tend to various ailments besetting the incarcerated population.

The acute shortage of doctors in correctional institutions has caused a massive healthcare crisis in prisons that has not received the deserved media attention.

Medical grievance letters written by desperate prisoners is soaring in state after state.

According to Delaware’s Department of Corrections, there were 4,561 medical grievance letters filed by inmates in 2016, up from 3,327 in 2012.[27]

If we assume correctional institutions are undercounting medical grievance letters, the healthcare picture inside America’s prisons is grim.

Bloody Monsters

Kim, America’s doctors have enormous blood on their hands since their insane greed has brought needless pain and death to millions of people.

By resisting any proposal that could potentially reduce their astronomical fees, America’s doctors have wrecked several well meaning proposals to provide people with a basic human right — Right of people to free/affordable health care when they’re sick.

President Donald Trump has an impossible challenge on his hands if he dares to take on the nation’s doctors in his battle to repeal and replace Obamacare.

A similar challenge awaits Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos as he prepares to launch a new healthcare venture in partnership with billionaire investor Warren Buffet and JP Morgan Chase.

Nazi doctor Josef Mengele drowned in a swimming accident and died on a Brazilian beach in 1979.

But the depravity of Hitler’s Angel of Death continues to live on in the daily actions of thousands of twenty-first century American doctors.

Karma Gospel Notes

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