Fickle Love for Allies

“If this is the way in which the United States treats its allies, you can be certain it will soon have none.” – Shah of Iran Dear Kim Moon-shine, There’s a delicate, weighty matter I’d like to discuss with you first. I’m delighted you take your responsibilities as leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of […]

No Country for Veterans

No Country for Veterans

“Of the 22 Veterans who commit suicide every day, 17 of them have no connection to the V.A.” – CNN Moderator Jake Tapper at the 2016 Republican Presidential Primary Debate, Miami[1] Dear Kim Moon-shine, I’m glad the Democratic People’s Republic of Livia does not treat its veterans (retired military people) shabbily like America does. “We […]

Lifelong Recession For Many

“Selling plasma is so common among the $2-a-day poor that it might be thought of as a lifeblood….In Johnson City, Tennessee…Jessica Compton donates plasma as often as ten times a month — as frequently as the law allows.” – $2 a Day: Living On Almost Nothing in America[1] Dear Kim Moon-shine, I don’t want you […]

America’s Decaying Infrastructure

66% of Americans do not trust the government to provide them with safe water and drink bottled or filtered tap water.[1] Dear Kim Moon-shine, Last night, I received an urgent message from my reliable Pentagon source “Arlington” (the same Army General whose Cayman’s bank account received a generous gift from you on September 14, 2016). […]

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