Black Friday For White Masters

“The master’s rape of the bondswoman [female slave], however, was not merely an act of counter-insurgency; it was a profit-making phenomenon. By forcibly impregnating his bondswoman, the slaveholder increased the size of his slave labor force.”
– Anthony W. Neal in Unburdened by Conscience[1]

Dear Kim Moon-shine,

Your ‘man’ in the Pentagon passed on the ‘Linux RPM’ last night.

I will look over the ‘package’ and send my feedback in the next two or three days via the Annapolis route. [Editor’s note: Estevanico Cortez is rumored to have had a close friend in Annapolis (MD) who was a DES encryption specialist; no information is available on the Linux RPM package Estevanico received except that it was meant for a custom CentOS 7 distro.]

Kim, my people in Washington DC tell me that the American Gestapo (a.k.a. FBI) is taking an unusual interest in me.

Sometimes, I fear I’m not long for this world.

Well, I won’t be the first nor the last to perish at the hands of sadistic American monsters.

In this letter, I will discuss how the United States of White Scum accumulated capital and richly profited through a bizarre form of breeding.

Cattle Breeding

Cattle Breeding is a lucrative business in America among White Sonderkommandos.

Right through our nation’s (in)glorious history from the early seventeenth century, Americans have bred various kinds of cattle – Horses, Mules, Steers and Black Female Slaves of various ages.

Black Slaves in America were considered no different from cattle or chattel.

Slave Trade AdvertisementSlave Trade Ad, 1769 Charleston, SC

Since there was no legal protection from rape statutes for Black female slaves, White slaveowners bred them like cattle by repeatedly plowing their fertile fields directly or hiring other well-built male slaves to impregnate them.

In pre-independence America, a Boston colonist had his slave rape and impregnate another slave “so that he might own ‘breed of Negroes’” to plow his land.[2]

Fertile slave girls fetched twice the money on the auction block for their masters.

In what must rank as one of the great cruelties of the era, female slaves who did not bear children were separated from their parents or husbands and sold off the plantation.

In his remarkable book Unburdened by Conscience, Anthony W. Neal devotes a chapter to Rape and Slave-Breeding with firsthand accounts by several slaves.

Anthony Neal has performed an extraordinary service and deserves the gratitude of all scholars studying a particular disgraceful period (the dark age of slavery) in American history.

Black female slaves were frequently advertised as “good breeding stock” and pregnant slaves commanded a higher price at slave auctions.

Through the slavery years, Black women in America were often seen, and described, in breeding terms by their White masters.

Nancy Isenberg writes in White Trash: The 400-Year Untold History of Class in America that “Slave children were actually listed in the wills of planters as “breedings.””[3]

Black Friday

In antebellum America, when a Black slave girl attained puberty, it was an exciting moment in the life of the White slave owner. Kinda like Black Friday for twenty-first century Sonderkommandos who trample people to death in their insane rush to grab a ‘great deal’ before it’s gone.[4]

A Black slave girl’s puberty promised the twin thrills of sexual pleasure and money to the White slaveowner in the near future.

First, the poor young black girl’s tender legs could be quickly parted for perverse sexual delight. Second, the young girl brought repeated material benefits to the slaveowner who invariably resorted to breeding her often.

In present-day America, Black Friday and Prime Day come but once a year.

But in antebellum America Black Friday came many times a year if a White slaveowner had several young slave girls on his plantation.

Profitable Litter

For no fault of theirs, Black slave girls in antebellum America dropped their first litter as early as 12.[5]

So it was not surprising that some Black slave women dropped a dozen or more babies in a lifetime of frequent, forced breeding. One poor slave woman was forced to have 21 children.

To White slave-owners, the thrusting, panting, coupling and mating often yielded a good litter of mulatto children who became workers in the same plantation at a very young age or could be sold for a nice price in the slave markets.


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