No Country for Veterans

“Of the 22 Veterans who commit suicide every day, 17 of them have no connection to the V.A.”
– CNN Moderator Jake Tapper at the 2016 Republican Presidential Primary Debate, Miami[1]

Dear Kim Moon-shine,

I’m glad the Democratic People’s Republic of Livia does not treat its veterans (retired military people) shabbily like America does.

“We love our war veterans,” American Sonderkommandos and our leaders never tire of exclaiming.

America even has a Veterans Day to celebrate the “sacrifices” of the men and women in uniform with parades in small towns and big cities.

Pictures of a somber President visiting Arlington National Cemetery and laying a wreath in honor of dead soldiers fill our TV screens and newspapers.

Green Beret is Flaubert’s Sparrow. [Editor’s Note: Coded communication between Estevanico Cortez and Kim Moon-shine possibly relating to the disastrous F-35 joint strike fighter or the $13 billion mess a.k.a. Gerald R. Ford aircraft carrier.][2]

No Country for Veterans

On veterans, like with most things American, there’s a huge gap between the nation’s lofty rhetoric and the sordid ground reality.

The sad truth is, America is no country for veterans (except for a few Generals and Admirals who glide into defense firms as consultants or become lobbyists after leaving the military).

Arlington National CemetryTombs of Veterans at Arlington National Cementry

Veterans have always been treated shabbily in America.

Even homelessness is not uncommon among this group. In 2014, there were nearly 50,000 homeless veterans in America.[3]

Trump’s move to scrap the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness, an item in his March 2017 budget proposal, will exacerbate the veterans’ homelessness crisis should it receive Congressional approval.[4]

Veterans have a higher incidence of the deadly Hepatitis C compared to the general population. There are 174,842 vets with Hepatitis C, which can cause liver scarring and liver failure.

Hundreds of veterans have developed cancer, thyroid problems and brittle bones because of their work decades earlier in clearing up radioactive waste on remote Pacific islands between 1977-1980 (the U.S. once conducted nuclear tests on many of these islands). America now refuses to provide medical care to these extremely sick veterans who were exposed to dangerous levels of plutonium.[5]

Thanks to veterans and their litany of psychological woes, hundreds of psychiatrists across America have a flourishing practice.

In 2015, the suicide hotline for veterans received more than half-million calls.[6]

Several journalists have exposed the military’s horrid treatment of veterans suffering from post traumatic stress disorder when they return from war zones like Iraq and Afghanistan.

Shabby treatment of veterans is not a new phenomenon in America where soldiers are cannon fodder in the nasty schemes of the wealthy, chattering classes and the power elite.

Gore Vidal mentioned in an interview how as a young boy he was shocked to see World War I veterans selling apples during the Great Depression.[7]

I would not be surprised if a lot of present-day veterans are pimping, selling blood plasma or “renting” out their bodies to stave hunger.

Screwing Veterans

America has a volunteer military, which means just 1% of our people sign up to fight in the country’s various wars.


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