Torture Fiends – An American Story

“I will light you up. Get Out! Now!”
– Texas police officer Brian Encinia to motorist Sandra Bland at a traffic stop (she killed herself in a jail cell three days later)[1]

“That boy was growing another head …. It was the most grotesque thing I have ever seen in my life …. All of us who worked there will forever carry his death on our conscience.”
– Prison healthcare worker Michelle Thomas[2]

Dear Kim Moon-shine,

Your recent letter about America’s war crimes and frequent resort to torture, both inside the country and overseas, sent me traipsing down memory lane.

Like you, many people wonder how a nation that constantly professes love for freedom, democracy, human rights and justice can often act in flagrant disregard of its stated ideals and engage in horrific violence against innocent people.

Your father and I often discussed America’s frequent war crimes and reliance on torture — the repeated napalm bombing of Japan and North Korea, nuclear strikes on Japan, Agent Orange attacks on tiny Vietnam, depleted-uranium bomb attacks on Iraq and needless military interventions in South America, Asia and Africa.

We concluded that only a morally bankrupt nation would engage in actions that inflict great pain on millions of innocent civilians including helpless young children and old folks.

Much has been made by writers of the brutality of Zettas in Mexico, Mao’s Red Guards in China, Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge thugs in Cambodia and Idi Amin’s beasts in Uganda.

But little media attention has been focused on the brutalities of American savages thanks to their strong narrative control skills.

Like Christina, the girlfriend of convicted Texas child murderer Gabriel Cardona, the majority of Americans believe, Los calmados son jotillos (The calm ones are faggots).[3]

In the United States of Perversity, violence, killings, torture and guns are celebrated as macho.

Leaders like George W. Bush, Harry Truman and Ronald Reagan whose illegal orders killed many innocent foreigners are feted and lionized while relatively less aggressive Presidents like Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama are vilified and slandered as cowards and pussies.

In November 2016, the torture-advocating candidate Donald Trump was elected President.

Like Elizabethan Londoners who delighted in watching bear-baiting shows, modern Americans thrill to violence and the sight of human suffering.

Why else would American Sonderkommando cops pepper-spray 84-year-old grandmas and mentally disabled people.[4]

Why else would America be the only nation to offer police officers paid leave when they murder Black adults or teens. U.S. cops have been quick to take advantage of the official “paid leave” policy by murdering hundreds of Blacks and Hispanics over the last few decades.

So many American businesses pay their staff “torture wages” that poor waitresses, car washers, valet parking attendants, cab drivers, barbers, etc., are forced to throw themselves at the mercy of customers’ tips to get by.

What the nymphet Lolita was to Humbert Humbert, violence and torture has always been to American Sonderkommandos: “It was love at first sight, at last sight, at ever and ever sight.”[5]

Once the Americans have identified a weak person or nation to torture, there’s no safe harbor anywhere on the planet for the victim. A vast network of black site prisons overseas allows CIA operatives and contractors to play Rambo on their captives.

The thrill of Sonderkommando mobs in violence predates the birth of America.

Violent mobs attacked and ransacked the offices and homes of colonial officials in Boston, Annapolis, New York and Newport (Rhode Island) over the Stamp Tax during 1765-1766. Brutal attacks on native Indians during the colonial era were frequent.

Kim, I’ve not the slightest doubt that should my letters fall into the hands of the criminal police here they will quickly haul me away in chains on trumped up charges, plant some “evidence” in my home and on my computer, and subject me to the inhumane indignities they reserve for all their victims.

Torture Experts

America did not reach a fork in the torture road at Abu Ghraib or inside the dozens of CIA’s illegal “Black” prisons overseas.

Right from its birth in the late eighteenth century, America has been a chronic human rights abuser.

By the dawn of the twenty-first century, Americans had honed torture into a fine art after practicing it for centuries on native Indians and Blacks.

Ignore their bibulous prattle about love for peace, equality, freedom, justice, democracy, etc., for these shibboleths mean nothing to Americans.

Always, pay no heed to an average American’s words but look instead for his behavior because that gives his nasty game away.

Right through this nation’s inglorious history, powerful and wealthy Americans have brought tears to their less privileged compatriots and outsiders on a scale unparalleled in history.

Americans have inflicted horrific pain on millions via slavery, mass incarceration, nuclear attacks, napalm bombing, racial injustice, war, police brutalities, healthcare deprivation, and pro-plutocrat and pro-corporate policies with such monotonous frequency that talk of this beastly nation’s passion for torture can no longer be dismissed as wild rants of grumpy old men like yours truly.

The American hunting ground is vast.

Search for human prey to kill and mutilate has led American sadists to Japan, Vietnam, Laos, Korea, Libya, Iraq, Chile, Cuba, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Angola, Mexico, Sudan, Grenada and to several corners of the homeland itself.

America’s love of torture is no secret despite the hypocritical nation’s best attempts to cover up its love of inflicting pain and violence on others.

In a report issued in November, 2016, the office of Chief Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda at the International Criminal Court (ICC) said: “Members of the U.S. Armed forces appear to have subjected at least 61 detained persons to torture, cruel treatment, outrages upon personal dignity on the territory of Afghanistan between 1 May 2003 and 31 December 2014.”

The ICC report also said the CIA may have subjected detainees to “torture, cruel treatment, outrages upon personal dignity and/or rape.”[6]

In a just world, the ICC would charge the United States with war crimes and prosecute the American barbarians responsible for torture and rape in Afghanistan and several other corners of the world.

Fires of Hell

The barbarities of Pompey’s soldiers, the cruelty of the Mongol hordes and depredations of the Huns pale before the violent orgies of bloodthirsty American apes.

“They are inveterately thirsty for blood, and insatiable in their greed. Their lusting after power and riches has no limits.” What the ancient historian Justin wrote of the Romans applies better to Americans.

Emperors and empresses of pathological psychopathy, Americans do not discriminate when it comes to torture. These monsters destroyed crops in Vietnam, bridges in Korea, pharmaceutical factories in Sudan, hospitals in Afghanistan and left nothing standing in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

At one time or the other, foreigners, native Americans, Blacks, Asians, Latinos and even poor Whites have been mercilessly lynched, whipped, nuked, shot, napalmed, tasered or crushed under the jackboot of American Sonderkommandos.

By frequently resorting to torture, and occasionally outsourcing it, America has legitimized pain infliction and barbarities by every security force and angry extremist group around the world.

America’s torture of inmates at Abu Ghraib, Guantánamo Bay and Afghanistan enraged Muslim extremists in the Middle East into doing the same to their Western captives.

Head-chopping of Westerners by ISIS or Al Qaeda militants must be tracked back to repeated sexual humiliation and sodomy of Muslim captives by American torturers carrying CIA or U.S. military ID cards.

ISIS makes Western captives don orange jumpsuits and tortures them because the U.S. does the same to Muslim prisoners at Guantánamo.

In their love for inflicting pain on “other” people, Americans are one with Saddam Hussein, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, Pol Pot, Caligula and ISIS guerillas.

After reviewing the use of torture by American officials, human rights researchers at Harvard University concluded in 2016: “Washington’s use of torture greatly damaged national security. It incited extremism in the Middle East, hindered cooperation with U.S. allies, exposed American officials to legal repercussions, undermined U.S. diplomacy, and offered a convenient justification for other governments to commit human rights abuses. The takeaway is clear: reinstating torture would be a costly mistake.”[7]

Love Torture

Love of torture is widespread in America given that this nation is completely bereft of a moral compass.

It’s not just the leaders or a few rogue elements in the military or CIA thrilling to the screams of their captives when American interrogators sodomize with blunt objects, waterboard or confine suspects in coffin-sized boxes, dress them in diapers and make them defecate on themselves.

Torture has always enjoyed widespread support inside America.

A Washington Post-ABC poll found that the majority of Americans supported CIA’s torture. In the December 2014 poll, 59% of Americans felt the CIA’s torture of terrorism suspects was justified.[8]

Only 20% of Americans feel torture is never justified.

Since Christianity has a deep, entrenched core of violence, religious-minded Whites are more supportive of torture than others.

White Catholics and evangelical Protestants in America are strong supporters of torture, with 68% of these groups saying torture of suspected terrorists is often or somewhat justified.[9]

In fact, not to support or love torture is considered a grave moral failing in the United States of Perversity.

American Sonderführers like Donald Trump and his White trash supporters condemned rival Ted Cruz at a campaign meeting in New Hampshire as a “pussy” for not supporting torture (waterboarding) enough.

Here’s what the 52-year-old woman who triggered the “pussy” ruckus at a campaign stop said of Trump: “He’s got balls the size of watermelons, whereas the other one [Ted Cruz] has got the balls of little grapes.”[10]

So in America those who fail to support strong torture have grape-sized balls while torture votaries are blessed with melon-sized cojones!

Trump’s supporters do not number in the hundreds or thousands but run into tens of millions across the heartland of America.

Kim, now you understand why I dismiss America as a nation of classless bastards.

Trump is no exception among America’s leaders when it comes to embracing torture.

Having never experienced it himself, former Vice President Dick Cheney insists waterboarding is not torture.

Cheney, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush were draft dodgers who sat out the Vietnam War but didn’t hesitate to send other Americans into harm’s way. Perhaps, they had in mind the advice Thomas Mellon, an eighteenth century member of the 1%, gave to his son James Mellon during the Civil War. “A man may be a patriot without risking his own life or sacrificing his health. There are plenty of lives less valuable.”

By grossly underfunding veterans hospitals, America inflicts mountains of agony and torture on former soldiers who suffer from severe injuries and a host of health problems received in fighting the nation’s many illegal wars.

Unable to bear the cruel treatment meted out to them despite their sacrifices, 20 veterans kill themselves every day in America.[11]

America’s police, military, prisons, CIA and hospitals routinely engage in torture and our Sonderführers (leaders), Sonderkommandos (average American people) and the media are complicit in the torture game by omission or commission.

Rarely, do you even see torture being referred to as torture in the wimpish American media.

U.S. journalists routinely pussyfoot around the term “torture” and invariably refer to it with euphemisms like “harsh treatment” or “enhanced interrogation techniques.”

Trump – Torture Fiend

Despite strong evidence that torture yields little actionable intelligence information, President Donald Trump is a great votary of inflicting pain on American captives.

“I would bring back waterboarding, and I’d bring back a hell of a lot worse than waterboarding,” Trump said during the Republican primary debates in February 2016.

Trump’s passion for torture continued after becoming President.

In an interview with ABC, President Trump said, “I have spoken as recently as 24 hours ago with people at the highest level of intelligence, and I asked them the question ‘Does it work? Does torture work?’ And the answer was ‘Yes, absolutely.'”[12]

Horrible as waterboarding is to the victims, Trump has only one reservation about it. “I like it a lot. I don’t think it’s tough enough,” the Republican presidential candidate told Americans after the Istanbul bombing in June 2016.[13]

America has so legitimized waterboarding that it’s rare to see an action film these days that does not feature this gruesome practice.

Torture Pays

Torture works well in America for three reasons.

It gives a mighty thrill to the perpetrator, vicarious pleasure to the onlookers and, above all, provides Americans an opportunity to cash in on others’ suffering.

Opinion polls reveal torture to be popular among Americans. U.S. nuclear attacks on Japan and the CIA’s tortures in Iraq and Afghanistan enjoyed strong approval.

Leaders like Harry Truman and George W. Bush who committed horrid atrocities won another term after their sadistic attacks on innocent people were disclosed.

Founding father Thomas Jefferson had young Black slave children at his Virginia plantation whipped for coming to work late in winter.

Pain for Jefferson’s young slaves translated into profits for the “fondling father” and funded his sybaritic lifestyle that included fine wine, imported cheese and latest books.

American corporations like Dow Chemical, United Technologies and Witco Chemical made money from the deadly napalm chemical weapon that was used by the U.S. military to torture millions of civilians in Japan, Korea and Vietnam.

Honeywell made a ton of money through the awful cluster bombs whose steel pellets tore through human flesh to deliver unimaginable agony to victims in Laos, Vietnam and other American war zones.

In the twenty-first century, America has flung 2.2 million people into a vast network of crowded prisons, often in extremely inhumane conditions, for long terms. Such state-sponsored torture camps provide jobs and an assured monthly income to tens of thousands of semi-literate Whites, millions in profits to private prison corporations and smiles on the faces of America’s rotten White trash onlookers.

Invading and ruining other countries, a vicious form of torture, provides a lucrative financial opportunity for the American Military-Industrial-Complex.

Each drone missile fired, napalm bomb hurled or cluster bomb dropped on Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Laos, Yemen or Libya means more business and lots of profits for U.S. defense companies.

In the twenty-first century, unknown numbers of Iraqis, Afghanis and Pakistanis were tortured and several died because of the brutal pain inflicted on them by American drones, cluster bombs and sadistic interrogators.

But private contractors/interrogators made money on the torture by billing millions to U.S. taxpayers. Although details of the torture are classified and hidden, investigative journalists and human rights analysts say at least 100 people died because of the American passion for torture.[14]

Only God knows how many hundreds or thousands in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria were tortured by sadistic Americans and still walk around with traumatic physical and mental wounds.

But such torture provided thrills to American soldiers and CIA agents and good money to private contractors.

The American soul lusts for harm, pain and injury to another human being.

Only when they reduce other people to tears and gleefully tune into their wails of agony, do the American people glimpse their heaven on Earth.

When an American causes grave agony to his fellow humans, his popularity is sure to skyrocket in the United States of Perversity.

Now you know why Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton interrupted his presidential campaign in January 1992 to preside over the execution of the mentally disabled Black inmate Ricky Ray Rector.[15]

Bill Clinton knew that killing a mentally disabled African-American would give the White trash of America a mighty high and send more votes his way.

Hey, the strategy worked. Bill Clinton became a two-term President.

Drinking the American water and inhaling its foul and immoral air, immigrants too have quickly imbibed the torture culture.

Hundreds of Asian liquor stores in America run illegal check cashing businesses on the side that torture desperate Blacks by charging them an obscene 3%-30% commission for cashing their checks. In one horrifying instance of torture, an Asian owned liquor store charged $7 on a $21.01 government check issued to a Black man. That works out to a monstrous 30% (usual charges for high value checks running into several hundred dollars is 3%-5% at Asian liquor stores).[16]

When others are degraded to nothing and made to suffer, Americans are quick to smile, thrive and moralize on the virtues of pain and the suffering of Christ on the cross.

Let’s consider a few glaring examples of American torture and the reaction of the Sonderkommandos.

Free Beer After Nuking

Mocked frequently for not being intellectually equal to Franklin D. Roosevelt, his “failed haberdasher” successor, President Harry Truman, made sure he got his name in the history books by ordering the U.S. military to drop nuclear bombs on Japan.

When the news was brought to President Truman, returning home from the Potsdam Conference on the USS Augusta, that the atomic bombing of Japan was a “success,” the monster couldn’t contain his happiness and exulted: “This is the greatest thing in history.”[17]

Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin was right in his assessment that President Truman was a worthless fellow.

In the vast annals of American torture, the dropping of atomic bombs on Japan in August 1945 was an unparalleled atrocity.

When the atom bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the Japanese army was already in a considerably weakened state and the nation close to surrender.

After the U.S. bomber Enola Gay dropped the uranium-based 15 kiloton atom bomb in the center of Hiroshima on August 6, 1945, inflicting unimaginable agony on the civilian population, there was a grand “Free Beer Party” celebration at the 509th Tinian Island American military base once it was known that the strike was a success.[18]

Free beer, novelty acts with vivacious and curvacious blondes, a pie-eating contest, thousands of hot dogs and food galore were all part of the ‘Welcome Party for Return of Enola Gay from Hiroshima Mission.’

As the American soldiers were celebrating with soft ball games, “food galore,” “HOT MUSIC” and drinking themselves silly with free beer, the people of Hiroshima were living through a terrible ordeal inflicted on them by the U.S. savages.

Thousands of homes and commercial buildings collapsed in Hiroshima because of the intensity of the blast.

The massive ball of nuclear fire that America rained on Hiroshima burned skin off people’s bodies two miles away and dozens of fires blazed across the city.


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