United States of Corruption

There’s no corruption in America, only organized looting.[1]
– Estevanico

America has just entered an era of unprecedented corruption at the top.”
– NYT Columnist and Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman[2]

Dear Kim Moon-shine,

You did absolutely the right thing in dismissing the minister of State Security, Gen. Kim Hon-wong.

Have no misgivings. Hon-Won was hopelessly corrupt and his dismissal will be welcomed by your people.[3]

How I wish America embraced your tough stance against corruption.

By the way, I’m hearing interesting things about America’s close South Asian ally Pakistan.

Apparently, Pakistan is going through severe economic stress and for the right $$$ they’ll gladly part with a few of their F-16 fighter jets.

To your advantage, Pakistan is a close friend of the Democratic People’s Republic of Livia.

Your father often mentioned that he would never have managed to go “nuclear” without help from Pakistani scientists.

Pakistanis are also an extremely corrupt people. They make Americans, Nigerians and Italians look like babes in the corruption department.

Old as the Republic

Speaking of corruption in America, it’s as old as our Republic itself.

Alex de Tocqueville, a French traveler who visited America in the nineteenth-century, wrote that its leaders “often prove untrustworthy and make great mistakes.”[4]

That is, of course, very true.

Starting from the Founding Pedophile Thomas Jefferson and all the way down to Barack Obama, most of America’s leaders have turned out to be hopelessly untrustworthy and/or corrupt.

Hillary Clinton is notorious for overcharging her poorest donors. Media reports show that during the two presidential campaigns of Hillary Clinton there were plenty of unauthorized charges of donors. Although the donors had made only a one-time donation, their credit cards were charged repeatedly by Hillary’s Campaign.[5]

I loath Donald Trump and his vast White trash “basket of deplorables” but I heartily agree with their chant on Hillary: “Lock Her Up.”

With deception, wrongdoings and abuses the norm, the massive home mortgage and student loan markets are rife with corruption.[6]

Corruption is Rampant in AmericaCorruption is Rampant in America

America is now so corrupt that zero-achievement young children of former Presidents earn $60,000-$75,000 for a 45- or 60-minute speech.

I wonder how much longer before we see Malia, Sasha and Baron enter the cool confines of the lucrative speeches racket.

Naked Corruption

If corruption was defined by slavery in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, then nothing symbolizes corruption in twenty-first century America as much as bailout of Wall Street financial institutions that caused the great economic crash.

But what the French traveler, Alex De Tocqueville, failed to mention in his oft cited but seldom read book Democracy in America is that the vast majority of American people are as corrupt and would behave no differently from their leaders when they get an opportunity.

After all, our corrupt Sonderführers are only doppelgängers of the people they represent.

It’s a question of character, you see.

And American Sonderkommandos are non pareil in possessing nothing even vaguely resembling character.

Moral Lepers

Virtue, honor, honesty and decency are alien notions to the majority of Americans floating in a cesspool of greed, overconsumption, corruption, racism, rage, lust and a opioid haze.

American Sonderkommandos are the metaphorical children of the notoriously corrupt French diplomat Talleyrand.

White pediatricians like Earl Bradley rape young children believing they can get away with it. A lot of Whites do get away with horrid crimes for long periods of time shielded by a corrupt and racist system. Bradley’s indictment mentioned 103 victims, some as young as three-months. The White doctor was arrested only in December 2009 although his history of misconduct dates back to 1994. Earl Bradley, who had a free run on young children for 15-years, is now considered the worst pedophile in American history.[7]

Average Americans, or Sonderkommandos, as I prefer to call them, approve of torture, enjoy the products of slave labor and are indifferent to the sight of other peoples’ suffering (think Iraq, Laos, Vietnam, North Korea, Libya, Chile, El Salvador, Cuba, Cambodia, China, Nicaragua, and Syria).

Americans are the coldhearted beasts who turned away Jews who came here fleeing Hitler’s atrocities.

They are the moral degenerates who attacked and destroyed a functioning nation (Iraq) on false grounds of existence of weapons of mass destruction; they are the unrepentant beasts who dropped atomic bombs on Japan when the beaten down nation was ready to surrender.

So why would American monsters not be corrupt!

State and federal government offices in the U.S. are dens of corruption.

State DMV officials extort money from driving test applicants, New York politicians get huge pots of campaign funding from hedge funds, U.S. State Department employees accept gifts and cash from foreign security services, title insurance scam robs New York consumers, oh, the avenues of corruption are vast in the land of vice and depravity.[8]

Massive Corruption

Corruption is like a plague in America.

It’s everywhere. Not just in big cities like NYC, Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, San Diego and Washington DC

Corruption in small-town America has gotten worse in recent years.[9]

Just one FBI office (San Antonio, Texas) initiated 64 corruption investigations in 2014.[10]

Although the “exceptional” nation is corrupt to the core, it has managed to camouflage its rottenness from less perceptive observers.

Politicians from both parties routinely extort campaign contributions from businesses by playing them against each other.

The New York Times had an interesting piece in 2013 about Congressional politicians setting up “tollbooths” and “milker bills” to legally extort campaign contributions.[11]

As early as 1972, when Richard ‘I am not a Crook’ Nixon was still in the White House, wise men like Gore Vidal spoke of the “moral nullity at the center of American life.”[12]

America’s politicians in both parties are so notoriously corrupt that they refuse to allow Medicare to negotiate prices with drug companies.

Total expenditure on lobbying by various vested interests from 2000-2016 is $47.04 billion.[13]

The U.S. healthcare system is one giant ripoff because of the entrenched corruption.

Drug firms, healthcare professionals, hospitals and insurance companies have spent a whopping $7 billion from 1998-2016 on lobbying politicians.[14]

The gun lobby in America spends a fortune in pushing more guns into more people’s hands no matter the horrific murders and injuries triggered by easy availability of guns.

Without the corrupt hand of the gun lobby expressed through campaign contributions, America would not be seeing so many shootings.

Homicide rate in America is 6.10 per 100,000 people compared to 0.60, 0.70 and 1 for Germany, France and Sweden respectively.[15]

Of course, ownership of guns correlates with gun homicides.

Given high gun ownership in the U.S., it’s no surprise America’s gun homicides are at insane levels compared to civilized nations.

Death rate from gun homicides per million people is 31 in America compared to 2.3 in Netherlands, 2.1 in Germany, 1.6 in Spain, 1.6 in China, 1.5 in New Zealand, 1.1 in Poland, 0.9 in England, 0.6 in Iceland and 0.1 in Japan.[16]

New York is, of course, a vast cesspool of corruption, all the way from Wall Street to the state legislature in Albany.

In 2016, former New York State Speaker Sheldon Silver (Democrat), former Senate Majority leader Dean G. Skelos (Republican) and former Senator John L. Sampson (Democrat) were convicted of corruption.[17]

Sadly, many of our corrupt leaders are being given a free pass by the U.S. Supreme Court.

But New York is hardly an exception in the United States of Corruption.

On July 8, 2016, Democratic Congresswoman Corrine Brown of Florida was indicted for setting up a fake non-profit organization for use “as a personal slush fund.”[18]

Philadelphia is another den of Democratic corruption.

In an editorial on the eve of the Democratic National Convention, the city’s main newspaper Philadelphia Inquirer lamented in late July 2016 about a “congressman, a state senator, five state representatives, and eight city judges found guilty of corruption” in the previous three years. The paper signed off the editorial with the depressing thought, “Here in Democratic Philadelphia …corruption is sadly unavoidable.”[19]

Hedging Corruption

With their expensive fees (think for a second about the insane 2-20 rule), hedge funds rank among the biggest scams in America.

With wild promises of unrealistic returns and very little scrutiny of their actual performance, hedge funds and their founders have controlled the narrative as marvels of American capitalism. In the business press and in mainstream newspapers, hedge fund promoters and traders are lionized as unearthly geniuses.

In reality, a lot of hedge funds perform miserably and their returns are often less than that of mutual funds. In 2015, about half the hedge funds reported losses. But America’s top 25 hedge fund managers pocketed a cool $13 billion in 2015.[20]

Fortune magazine wrote that 2015 “was a punishing year for hedge funds, with brutal losses and several high-profile closures.” Apparently, 979 hedge funds closed in 2015.[21]

Hedge funds are able to get away with their bullshit because corruption is rife in the business.

Hedge fund promoters who donate liberally to politicians are blessed with billions of dollars from state pension funds that are stupidly greedy for ridiculously high returns.

A few hedge fund bosses have been caught in insider trading scandals and some have even gone to prison.

Activist group Hedge Clippers is rendering great service to the public by exposing the poor performance of many hedge funds and the dirty tricks of its promoters.

Corruption – Overseas

Frequently, America’s closest allies are nations like South Korea, Pakistan, Congo, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Iran, Saudi Arabia, etc., where the top leaders are/were exceptionally corrupt.

Since it’s the nature of Americans to spread their filth wherever they set foot, U.S. businesses often engage in, encourage and abet corruption on foreign soil.

Corruption and bribery of foreign officials by U.S. corporations became so endemic that in 1977 Congress passed the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) to curb the practice.

In the last four decades, dozens of prominent American corporations including Goodyear Tire, Lucent, Alcoa, Biomet, Hewlett-Packard, Monsanto, Lockheed, Diebold, Tyson Foods, JPMorgan Chase and Halliburton have been caught in the FCPA net for bribing foreign officials and paid hefty fines to resolve the U.S. Justice Department lawsuits.[22]

U.S. pharmaceutical companies have paid massive fines to settle bribery charges in China.

In November 2016, U.S. investment bank JPMorgan Chase agreed to pay a fine of $264.4 million to settle bribery charges related to its corrupt hiring practices in China. JPMorgan Chase set up a corrupt Sons and Daughters Program in which unqualified friends and family members of Chinese government officials were given prestigious jobs so that the investment bank could win banking deals.

The U.S. Justice Department described JPMorgan’s business practices related to hiring employees in China as “corruption, plain and simple.”[23]

Clearly, JPMorgan Chase considered offering jobs to unqualified people as a small quid (bribe) for a large quo (winning banking deals).

“The so-called Sons and Daughters Program was nothing more than bribery by another name,” Assistant Attorney General Leslie R. Caldwell said on November 17, 2016, while announcing the token fine.[24]

In the height of nonsense, JPMorgan Chase received an aggregate 25% discount in the fines from the U.S. government for “cooperating” with the investigation.

So why not give a discount in sentence to Charles Manson and his accomplices for their “cooperation” with the authorities? Hell, why not give serial killers a sentencing discount of 5% for disclosing the location of every body.

Kim, there’re no limits to nonsense in the United States of nonsense!

To combat rampant overseas corruption and dirty quid pro quo deals by U.S. corporations, the FBI has set up three international corruption squads.

America’s foreign interventions and covert regime change initiatives also encourage corruption overseas. The CIA has handed over several hundred million dollars to corrupt politicians, military generals and warlords in South-East Asia, Africa, South Asia and South America.

By ignoring oversight of the billions in taxpayer money it poured into Afghanistan, the United States abetted endemic corruption by joining forces with some of the worst power-brokers in the South Asian nation. Some of the notoriously corrupt Afghan beasts were on the CIA payroll making it hard to take any action against them.

Fighting corruption was never on the American agenda in Afghanistan just as it is not inside the homeland.[25]

Despite spending hundreds of billions in Afghanistan for relief and assistance since 2002, the United States has very little to show for it. Afghanistan still remains in a pathetic shape with insane levels of violence, obscene poverty and record opium harvests since much of U.S. taxpayer funded aid money has been squandered or siphoned off by a combination of crooked Americans and nasty Afghanis.

By 2016, corruption in Afghanistan had become so terrible that Afghani soldiers angry over not being paid their salaries started selling fuel and ammunition to the Taliban forces fighting the U.S.[26]

Corruption & (In)Justice System

Corruption in the American (in)justice system is evident at various levels, starting from police officers to prison guards and judges.

Corruption combines with racism in an unholy nexus to ensure long prison terms for Blacks.

Although private prisons are not much cheaper and have a horrid record, they house over 100,000 prisoners in America.

“Horror stories abound of corruption and abuse at private prisons and detention facilities, where violence is common, and where underpaid and undermonitored guards act with impunity,” wrote the editorial board of the New York Times criticizing the Trump administration’s plans to expand use of private prisons.[27]

Private prison corporations’ contracts with the government specify minimum occupancy levels.

In America, private prison routinely make campaign contributions to ensure favorable policies. In the 2016 presidential election, Donald Trump received $150,000 from entities affiliated with private prison corporation GEO Group.[28]

Trump’s victory sent stocks of private prison companies like CoreCivic and Geo Group soaring in anticipation of better times ahead.[29]

In Pennsylvania, over 2,000 children were sent to private prisons because two elected judges were hungry for money and pocketed millions. The corrupt judges were caught long after their crimes imposed a heavy toll on tender minds.[30]

In Arkansas, county judge Joe Boeckmann quit after facing charges of inappropriate sexual relations with defendants. “He’s a criminal predator who used his judicial power to feed his corrupt desires,” David Sachar, Executive Director of the Judicial Discipline and Disability Commission told the New York Post.[31]

Crooked judges in America are not a recent phenomenon.

From 1916 through the 1930s, New York judge Martin Manton collected a fortune in “loans” from parties in business disputes before his racket was exposed. Following his trial in May 1939, Manton was sentenced to a two-year-term and a $10,000 fine.[32]

But there are still many crooked judges and prosecutors in America out there doing their dirty deeds day in and day out.

The system of electing judges, a nasty practice prevalent in several American states, encourages corruption.

Elected judges also bring the American people nut cases like Floyd County Superior Court Judge Bryant Durham Jr, who got into a wild and “queer” slanging match with a whacko defendant on June 17, 2016.[33]

Corruption is so entrenched in the American (in)justice system that prison guard unions bribe legislators (by spending millions on lobbying) for long sentencing terms, tough drug laws and promises not to close prisons.

Corruption and various forms of abuses in the power-drunk American police force is not uncommon. Despite the blue wall of silence, news of corrupt cops occasionally leaks out.

Thanks to the hopelessly corrupt American justice system, crimes by police officers rarely ever result in convictions even in clear cases of homicide like poor Eric Garner or Freddie Gray.

So you end up with a bizarre scenario where the city pays several million dollars in compensation to victims or their families but the corrupt (in)justice system lets the whacko cops walk away.

Drug-related corruption crimes including shakedown of heroin and cocaine dealers by police officers have cropped up in several cities including Baltimore, Miami, Los Angeles and New York City.[34]

On March 1, 2017, seven Baltimore police officers were indicted in a racketeering conspiracy reeking of corruption. The officers were alleged to have robbed people, extorted drug dealers, filed false reports and claimed unjustified overtime.[35]

“These officers are 1930s-style gangsters,” Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Davis said.

NYPD – Notoriously Corrupt

The New York Police Department is not only a horribly racist outfit but a notoriously corrupt organization as well.

A federal corruption inquiry in 2015-2016 has claimed many heads and is sending shivers from top to bottom of the NYPD.

NYPD cops under investigation have killed themselves, been dismissed, transferred or been stripped of their guns while some have taken the retirement route.

Crooked New York businessmen hired buxom hookers to “service” corrupt NYPD cops on private jets to Las Vegas.

“We will go where truth takes us,” NYPD Police Commissioner Bill Bratton was quoted as saying in the NY Daily News.[36]

But hypocritical Bratton is allowing some NYPD cops charged with corruption to retire with their pensions on the ground that it’d not be fair to hurt their families.[37]

I bet throwing African-American criminals into prison for long terms would hurt their families too, right? So why isn’t Bratton showing similar compassion for Black criminals.

On June 20, 2016, NYPD’s Deputy Chief Michael Harrington, Deputy Inspector James Grant and Sergeant David Villanueva were arrested on federal corruption charges.[38]

Illegal Lottery

Illegal immigration from Mexico into America has turned out to be an awesome blessing for several U.S. corporations — Drone operators, sensor devices vendors, private prisons, private prisoner transportation services, border fence maintenance firms, etc.

Poor immigrants desperate for work but unlucky enough to get caught are not deported immediately.

Instead, they’re sentenced to prison for illegal border crossing.

They’re then handed over to private transport contractors to be moved to a private prison where the “illegal aliens” are incarcerated anywhere from 30-days to 180-days.

Illegal border crossing is like a daily lottery win for private corporations that have won lucrative contracts worth hundreds of millions to deal with the illegal immigrants.

Once the illegal immigrants are released, they’re again handed over to private contractors who’ll move them back to their home countries.

Illegal immigration has proven to be a multi-billion dollar corruption bonanza for the nexus of politicians and private corporations who work hand in hand to make money off the poorest of the poor hailing from Mexico, Colombia and countries further south.

Pharma Corruption

America’s pharmaceutical business is notoriously corrupt.

Gouging consumers with inhumane list prices for drugs and monstrous price hikes is the norm in the United States of Depravity.

Because of the corrupt nexus of pharma companies and members of Congress, prices for drugs in America are 5x-10x the cost in other nations.

Time and again, Americans are told they are the lucky beneficiaries of the marvels of the drug industry’s tireless toil.

Yet Americans live shorter lives than citizens of Canada, UK, Sweden and France where drug prices are at reasonable levels.

If Americans are beneficiaries of pharma’s astonishing miracles why is life expectancy in the United States a mere 78.8 years.

Life expectancy in America actually fell in 2015 and the death rate rose from 724.6 per 100,000 people to 733.1 per 100,000.[39]

Consumers are not allowed to import drugs from but large corporations like Walmart resell made in India drugs at obscene prices.

The U.S. pharmaceutical industry has joined forces with hopelessly corrupt members of the Congress to prevent the government from negotiating drug prices for Medicare (healthcare program for the elderly).

Pharma companies are one of the biggest donors to members of Congress and have a massive lobbying presence in Washington DC.

The 21st Century Cures Act, which dilutes procedures for clinical trials, is nothing but a handout to the American pharmaceutical industry by a corrupt Congress.

Because of the massive corruption of Big Pharma, sick people without insurance in America are mercilessly ripped off and have no choice but to roll over and die. Since these deaths happen in ones and twos, their “grave” misfortune is completely ignored by the media preoccupied with covering the antics of a twerking twit or a depraved stripper socialite.

The pharma industry’s claim that it will self-regulate on pricing and police itself is like the fox telling the farmer it will guard the hen coop.

Military Aid Corruption

Nowhere is corruption in America so stark and brazen than in the nation’s shady dealings with local defense companies.

For several decades, America has handed over tens of billions to large defense companies like Lockheed, General Dynamics, Boeing, et al.

How this corruption works is devious and devilish.

America announces billions in military aid to friendly racist or corrupt governments like Israel or Pakistan. A major chunk of that money is then plowed back into purchase of American weapons and fighter jets ensuring huge profits for defense contractors and jobs for Sonderkommandos.

For instance, Israel is buying 50 of the F-35 “advanced” fighter jet for $110 million each with the $38 billion in military aid it’s getting from American taxpayers.

Of course, in years past Israel got F-16 and F-15 “advanced” fighter jets under the same generous terms.

Several other nations including Pakistan (under military dictators) have also been the beneficiaries of American military largesse.

Plus, American defense companies routinely hire recently retired top officials from the air force and army. Dozens of Pentagon contracting officials have joined defense companies after leaving the military.

President Donald Trump was right to blast the practice of military procurement officials joining defense companies.

At a post-victory rally in Baton Rouge on December 9, 2016, Trump was right to suggest a lifetime ban on military procurement officials joining defense companies.[40]

Look closely and you’ll find corruption often dressed up in the garb of military aid in America.

Both Parties Rotten

We must dispel the liberal fiction that Republicans are more corrupt than Democrats.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Ask yourself why Barack Obama, the Angel of Hope, never delivered on his promises of kneecapping Wall Street and Big Business and “transforming Washington’s culture.”

Why did Obama turn soft on Big Business?

Simple explanation – Barack Obama is an inalienable part of a corrupt culture that relies on campaign contributions from crooked corporations.

Obama squeezed more money from businesses than any other candidate, Democrat or Republican, in 2008.

Obama grabbed $50 million from the finance, insurance and real estate sectors alone in 2008 and 2012.[41]

Richard Nixon did not rise out of vacuum, he sprang from the Sonderkommandos of California.

Richard Nixon, John F. Kennedy, Hillary Clinton, Lyndon Johnson, Barack Obama, each more brazen than the other in cozying up to Big Money.

Hillary and Bill Clinton earn more money from a 60-minute speech than a minimum wage worker earns in 10 years or more.

Think for a second, will you.

Nobody is worth a quarter-million dollars for a 60-minute speech unless there’s a hidden payoff for the donor.

What’s Hillary Clinton going to tell the Goldman Sachs folks they don’t already know about interest rates, derivatives, CDOs or leadership?

What’s Hillary going to tell a convention of car dealers in New Orleans that they don’t already know about selling cars?

What the hell does Hillary Clinton know about clinical pathology or the operation of convenience stores?

Hillary scooped up $225,000 for a speech to the American Society for Clinical Pathology on September 18, 2013, in Chicago, mopped up $325,000 from the National Automobile Dealers Association on January 27, 2014, in New Orleans and shoveled $265,000 into her bank account for a speech before the National Association of Convenience Stores in Atlanta on October 15, 2013.[42]

The campaign contribution system in America is hopelessly corrupt and is essentially a pay-to-play scheme.

Straw-donor schemes are dime a dozen in the United States of Crooks.

Prominent law firms, Democratic hoteliers and Republican writers have been caught in straw-donor schemes in which people are compensated for making donations to political campaigns for Senate, the House and President.

United States of Mercenaries

Nothing signals corruption as much as the use of mercenaries to fight America’s dirty wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Libya.

For the last three decades, the numbers of mercenaries a.k.a. private contractors has exploded in the U.S. military as well as in organizations like the NSA and CIA.

The NSA has an army of mercenaries engaged in digital warfare against enemies real and imagined.

How dangerous these digital mercenaries are is illustrated by the actions of just one contractor — Edward Snowden, an employee of Booz Allen Hamilton, leaked a treasure trove of classified information in 2013 exposing the dark secrets of the United States of Sonderkommandos.[43]

All the U.S. intelligence services combined rely on an army of 35,000-40,000 mercenaries who are engaged in offensive and defensive electronic and conventional warfare.

The ratio of U.S. contractors to military personnel in some war zones is over 3-to-1.

In mid-August 2016, a Congressional Research Service report said that as of March 2016 there were 28,600 contractors in Afghanistan compared to 8,730 American troops.[44]

Contractors do a variety of jobs including interrogating and torturing prisoners, fighting, intelligence gathering and analysis, guarding the military bases and other important structures, supplying food to the soldiers, translating, maintaining equipment and transport, and providing security to visiting Senators and Congressmen.

Most contractors are employees of U.S. corporations either directly or indirectly. A lot of the low-level contractors providing janitorial, sanitation or outer perimeter security services are foreigners.

At the behest of their corrupt political masters in Washington DC, the U.S. military has thrown $220 billion at contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan from 2007-2015.[45]

Mercenaries are also being used in Iraq, Syria and in the fight against ISIS.

High profits from the overseas mercenary operations in the illegal wars are recycled in part to the election campaigns of Congressmen, Senators and Presidents allowing this nasty business to continue ad nauseam.

Over reliance on mercenaries has led to the U.S. military losing its edge in intelligence gathering.

Patients Billing Corruption

Billing by hospitals and physicians is a huge racket in the United States of Corruption.

Running into tens of billions, the hospital billings corruption is one reason why healthcare costs in America are monstrously high compared to civilized nations.

Call any hospital or doctor and ask for the price of a medical procedure, surgery or scan, and you will NEVER get a straight answer.

Immune from any kind of meaningful oversight, the U.S. hospital system lavishes millions on its CEOs and top management and plentiful campaign contributions to Republican and Democrat Congressmen, Senators and presidential candidates while uninsured patients get shafted with astronomical bills that defy logic or sense.

After their release from the hospital following a major surgery, uninsured patients receive bills for several hundred thousand dollars (sometimes) without proper documentation to support those high charges.

Arcane coding methodologies are a key weapon in the arsenal of hospitals to bilk patients. Every hospital in America now employs “Creative Coders” whose only job is to find ways and means to inflate bills. An ecosystem of coding consultants has developed to assist hospitals manipulate bills so that they can get higher reimbursements.

A March 2017 New York Times article, Those Indecipherable Medical Bills? They’re One Reason Why Health Care Costs So Much, offers a deeply disturbing picture of hospitals and their coding accomplices in the looting of patients.[46]

Even repeated requests for complete bills with the associated codes meet with no response from hospitals.

What compounds the billing crisis for uninsured patients is that the fees charged for them are 6X to 10X higher than for those with insurance.

Because of the massive corruption in hospital billing systems, hundreds of thousands of uninsured or under-insured Americans are forced into bankruptcy and serious damage to their credit rating.

Military Surplus Corruption

In the last two decades, the U.S. military-industrial complex, Department of Defense, state and city police agencies, and state officials and legislators have joined hands under the so called federal 1033 program to create a giant web of corruption that has cost taxpayers several billion dollars.

Small American towns and cities receive “surplus” military gear like rocket launchers, mine-resistant ambush protected vehicles (MRAP), aircrafts and grenade launchers that are completely irrelevant to the needs of local police forces fighting drug dealing, robberies, home invasions and homicides.

For instance, over a two-year-period New Jersey municipalities received $40 million in MRAP vehicles and other sophisticated military gear like night-vision goggles, gun sights (holographic, thermal, red-dot and night-vision), Humvees, 2.5-ton troop carriers, assault rifles, grenade launchers, helicopters, etc.[47]

What’s the New Jersey police going to do with grenade launchers and assault rifles? Are they going to use them against the “invasion” of curry restaurants on Oak Tree Road in Edison or Newark Avenue in Jersey City.

It’s the same ridiculous story of shipping military gear to other states too. New Jersey’s neighbor Delaware received $9.86 million in tactical and non-tactical equipment from 2009-2014.[48]

In the meantime, law and order has taken a big hit in Delaware’s largest city, Wilmington, which has collapsed under the impact of frequent shootings and homicides.

Passing on the so-called military surplus to state and city police forces is nothing but a devious corrupt practice to boost Defense Department military expenditure covertly by shoveling military equipment to police agencies that have no use for mine-resistant vehicles, grenade launchers, night vision goggles and the like.

Although the state police agencies get the equipment at “low cost,” they are compelled to later spend significant amounts on maintenance and replace parts to keep the military junk in working condition.

In exchange for such shady “military surplus” deals, state and national officials and politicians get bribes in the form of campaign contributions and/or post-retirement jobs.

Supporting Corrupt Dictators

Soaked in corruption, Americans are frequently huge supporters of corrupt leaders in distant nations.

American support ensured that corrupt beasts like Ferdinand Marcos (Philippines), Fulgencio Batista (Cuba) and Mobutu Sese Seko (Congo/Zaire) thrived while their impoverished countrymen suffered immensely.

For over four decades, U.S. support for corrupt savages and dictators in the far corners of the world was justified on the grounds of pushing back the rushing tides of Communism.

American Sonderführers poured billions into Zaire even as Mobutu was looting his country.

The shopping extravagances of Mobutu, shoe mania of Imelda Marcos and filthy corruption of Batista from 1952-1959 are now the stuff of legend.

Of course, U.S. businesses were huge beneficiaries of the corruption of Batista’s regime.

It was the naked corruption and brutal repression of Batista (abetted by U.S. business interests) that allowed Fidel Castro and his rag-tag band of revolutionaries to ride to power in late 1958.

“The corruption of the Government, the brutality of the police, the government’s indifference to the needs of the people for education, medical care, housing, for social justice and economic justice … is an open invitation to revolution,” the late historian Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr wrote presciently in an analysis of Batista’s Cuba.[49]

During the Cold War, it was an axiom of U.S. foreign policy that the more corrupt a foreign leader was the more military weapons, economic aid and political support his country would get from America.

America’s support for foreign kleptocrats (and kleptocracy in general) is not surprising since this nation too is hopelessly corrupt beneath the patina of a squeaky clean people.

So corrupt is America’s justice system that the nation’s top prosecutors in the U.S. (In)Justice Department gave a 25% discount in fines to the corrupt JPMorgan Chase after finding the investment bank guilty of corruption.

When Hillary Clinton makes $250,000 from a speech to the corrupt Wall Street crowd, there’s not a pipsqueak of protest in the media or among the Sonderkommandos.

Glorious Alchemy

There’s no greater American alchemy than turning the illegal act of bribing into the legal act of lobbying, PACs (Political Action Committees), Super PACs, campaign contributions and quarter-million dollar speeches.

Marvelous, right?

The U.S. justice system is never allowed to be stronger than the strongest and wealthiest people in American society.

Lobbying, or K-Street work in Washington argot, adds jobs, pours hundreds of millions into our politicians’ campaign coffers, throws millions at TV ads, keeps media barons happy and American Sonderführers smiling.

Lobbying ensures billions of dollars in “pork.” Think military bases, F-35 fighter jet contracts or defense companies in every state.

Isn’t it odd that even non-profits like Internet overseer ICANN spend millions on lobbying.

In America, we have a long tradition of lobbying.

In the nineteenth century, the Central Pacific railroad company spent over $200,000 taking care of the right people in Washington DC in exchange for free grant of millions of acres of land.[50]

In the twenty-first century, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, GE and other giant corporations pour millions into campaign contributions and lobby Sonderführers for more H1-B visas so that they can suppress local workers’ wages and loosen “burdensome” restrictions on business.

Regulatory organizations like the Food and Drug Administration, Environment Protection Agency, Federal Communications Commission and Federal Aviation Administration have been hobbled by lobbyists working for giant American corporations and their cronies in Congress.

American pharmaceutical companies spend hundreds of millions to lobby the federal government to look the other way as drug firms bugger sick people with inhumane prices for life-saving drugs. Drugmakers spent $235 million on lobbying in 2015 alone.[51]

Lobbying is the grease that ensures American pharmaceutical corporations can rape consumers without consequence and cheat Medicare with impunity (token fines are imposed in the rare instance the crooked companies are caught).


U.S. prison unions pour millions into lobbying for longer sentences.

America’s private prisons have spent tens of millions to lobby politicians to throw more people into cages (via harsh sentencing laws) and are now pushing politicians very hard not to relax drug sentencing laws.[52]

No nation can allow prisons to lobby politicians for longer sentences and contracts to hold deportees, and still call itself civilized.

It won’t be long before foreign companies stealthily supplying “chemical cocktails” for injecting U.S. death penalty prisoners start lobbying for more death sentences in America.

Karma Gospel Notes

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