United States of Losers

“When was the last time you’ve seen our country win at anything. We don’t win anymore, whether it’s ISIS, whether it’s China with our trade agreements. No matter what it is, we don’t seem to have it.”
– Donald Trump at a campaign rally, April 18, 2015

Dear Kim Moon-shine,

First, I have some urgent information for you.

I’m hearing increasing chatter in Washington DC, emanating at the highest levels, of an advanced stage plot to assassinate you.

There is talk of the CIA turning someone in your inner circle against you for a reward of $25 million and relocation to the United States of Savages.

Killing is play for these sadistic losers, Kim.

Trust no one except your sister Kim Toon-shine.

Now that I’ve got the warning off my chest, let me address other subjects.

You wonder if you’ll ever be able to improve the lives of your people against the backdrop of U.S.  sanctions and constant regime change attempts.

I feel your distress but in dealing with American barbarians patience is a priceless virtue.

Kim, America is on a downward spiral and on its way to the Hades will take many countries with it.

So bide your time less your brave nation gets trapped in America’s downward spiral.

Last night, our mutual friend Annapolis passed me the encrypted drive on the Green Apple PLUS Macau Pears. [Editor’s Note: Coded message between Estevanico and Kim Moon-shine presumed to be related to the North Livian leader’s private criticism of the U.S. B-21 Long Range Strike Bomber project as a ‘Loser on Steroids.’]

United States of LosersDysfunctional America on a Losing Streak

Loser America

Speaking of losers, it’s hard to ignore America’s current plight.

Ignore the fictional narratives spun by American spinmeisters.

The facts paint a grim picture of a Satanic nation whose losing streak is gaining momentum.

America is far being numero uno on any of the prized indicators.

Only in twerking, sexting, pimping, overdosing, amassing weapons and selling them to any bidder with cash can this barbarian nation lay claim to greatness.

* The drug war is totally lost in the United States of Sonderkommandos. Every day brings reports of new drugs hitting the streets of America. Fentanyl, Flakka and K2 synthetic marijuana are hot on the streets of America in 2018. In some cities like Cincinnati, carfentanil (used to sedate elephants) is being mixed with heroin. Drug overdoses claimed 47,055 lives in 2014 and took at least 66,000 lives in 2017. A 19-year-old White Florida State University student high on the synthetic drug Flakka killed a man and his wife on August 15, 2016. Florida police officers found him trying to bite off the man’s face. Besides murder, people high on Flakka do bizarre things like having sex with a tree and biting babies. In line with the American Sonderkommando mindset, Flakka is aptly known as “total mind melt” and “$5 insanity.”[1]

* The World Economic Forum rates America at #16 on the overall quality of infrastructure.[2]

* The F-35 joint strike fighter is a “loser” of epic proportions. Despite investment of several hundred billions, the F-35 is still far from deployment in a live battlefield scenario. At a Senate hearing on April 26, 2016, Senator John McCain, Chairman of the Armed Services Committee, called the F-35 program “a scandal and a tragedy with respect to cost, schedule, and performance.”[3]

In more bad news for the F-35, Senator McCain said the few aircraft that have been delivered “have problems with maintenance, diagnostic software, radar instability, sensor fusion shortfalls, fuel system problems, structural cracks from service-life testing, engine reliability deficits, limitations on the crew escape system that caused pilot weight restrictions, and potential cyber vulnerabilities.”

I’m also getting reports of serious problems with the F-35’s pilot ejection seat.

* In the 2016 IMD World Competitiveness ranking, America has fallen to the third position. Hong Kong and Switzerland took the top two spots.[4]

* American Sonderkommandos are low-energy losers. Despite so much oppression, these big-time losers have no cojones to resist corporate exploitation, police brutality and government indifference to their miserable plight. Only a few brave Black men and women are throwing up some resistance here and there. The courage of America’s vast army of losers comes into play only when their military attacks a weak leader in a distant nation or launches a drone missile on a dusty village in Pakistan or Afghanistan.

* In the United States of Losers, 50% of Americans would struggle to find $400 for an emergency. Writing about the bleak financial situation of millions (including himself), The Atlantic’s Neal Gabler describes it as “financial impotence.”[5]

* For four centuries, the story of sadistic America has largely been the story of its White trash (both poor and rich Whites). So it’s extremely heartening to note that suicide among America’s middle-aged White losers has spiked 40% from 1999-2010.[6] A sustained suicide epidemic of these White losers will surely make the world a less dangerous place.

* Loser nation America spends several hundred billions on weapons every year. Yet a man sitting in a far-off mountain cave spent a mere $400,000 to deliver a crushing blow to America that not only sent the towers crumbling but along with it pummeled the Satanic nation’s overweening pride.

* It’s no secret that millions of American Sonderkommandos are in a rage today because of their financial woes. But the spineless losers can’t do diddly. These Kathoeys have no courage plus the balance of power is so overwhelmingly tilted against them.

* Launched in January 1964 by President Lyndon B. Johnson, America’s “unconditional war on poverty” is a big disaster. Five decades later, 47 million American people are still poor, living from paycheck to paycheck and up to the gills in debt.

* In our loser nation, parts of big cities like Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and Philadelphia are turning into ’shanties.’ Officially, Los Angeles alone has 41,174 homeless people.[7]

* America’s loser kids rank 25th in the world in math.[8] I bet these little monsters are #1 in twerking and sexting.

* In what could be a harbinger of better times for the rest of the world, the barbaric nation’s losers are dying at an increasing pace. Death rate in America rose to 729.5 deaths per 100,000 people in 2015 from 723.2 in 2014. “It’s an uptick in mortality and that doesn’t usually happen, so it’s significant,” Robert Anderson, chief of mortality statistics at the National Center for Health Statistics, told the New York Times.[9]

* American loser moms are struggling to keep their babies alive. With 6.1 infant deaths per 1,000 live births, America ranks 26th in infant mortality among the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development countries, according to a study by the Centers for Disease Control. Even Slovakia and Poland have a lower infant mortality rate than America. Infant mortality is important because it’s a proxy for maternal health, quality and access to medical care, socio-economic conditions and public health practices. For American Blacks, the infant mortality rate is 11 per thousand, slightly less than Libya.[10]

* Every year, America spends more than half a trillion on the military. Yet, our military loses in Afghanistan, loses in Iraq, loses in Vietnam, loses in Niger, and loses to ISIS. U.S. soldiers are low-energy cowards petrified of ground war and would rather fight from a distance via drones and high-flying aircraft or lob missiles from distant ships.

* Despite spending hundreds of billions, U.S. engineers and technologists inside the Military-Industrial Complex put out losers like the B-2 stealth bomber that can’t operate in the rain. The Los Angeles Times accurately described the B-2 bomber as ‘useless junk.’[11]

* Steven Brill figures that America has wasted $100 billion to $150 billion on failed or unworthy homeland security programs. To cite just one example, the Department of Homeland Security has spent $180 million on a human resources IT software that is still not ready after 13 years of work.[12]

* With Illinois’ unfunded pension liabilities exceeding $111 billion in 2016, millions of losers in the states are going to be badly screwed within the next five years. If the assumed investment rate of returns is lowered to realistic levels, Illinois’ unfunded pension liabilities picture would be horrifying. There’s not a chance in hell that the state can avoid falling off the financial precipice. The day of reckoning draws near for Illinois retirees who are banking on income from their pensions.[13]

* America’s information technology infrastructure is so lousy that foreign nations and independent hackers routinely break into the loser nation’s computer systems and steal precious data. While U.S. cybersecurity administrators were jerking off, the Chinese and other hackers stole records of 22.1 million current and former government workers from the Office of Personnel Management. The security breach also included theft of employee background investigations.

“Hackers accessed Social Security numbers, fingerprints, contact information, and user names and passwords of federal employees, contractors and their spouses dating back more than a decade,” a Bloomberg report said.[14]

In what seems like a scene from an old Laurel & Hardy flick, a $1 billion cybersecurity program called “Einstein” is supposed to keep tabs on the nation’s critical IT infrastructure and prevent intrusion prevention. Of course, Einstein failed to prevent the hack of 22 million records at the Office of Personnel Management.

The Office of Personnel Management is one of dozens of U.S. government agencies that have suffered IT security breaches.

* American kids are big time losers when it comes to academics.

In a global ranking of students, U.S. kids came in 10th in fourth-grade science and eighth-grade math.[15]

Tiny Kazakhstan and Portugal were ahead of America in fourth-grade math where U.S. kids came in 14th. It’s the same sorry story in eight-grade science too where American children came in 11th.

Given that American kids prize sexting, twerking and Juuling more than studying, it should hardly come as a surprise that children from other nations are pushing snotty-faced U.S. kids into the ground.

Graduate study programs in science and engineering at American universities would close were it not for the thousands of foreign students.

* Loser nation America’s roads have now become very unsafe for car occupants.

You don’t believe me?

Here, look at the statistics. In 2014, death rate from road accidents (per 100,000 inhabitants) in America was double that of Slovenia (if you ask them, most American Sonderkommandos will tell you Slovenia is a new quadruple stacked burger from McDonald’s) and just below Chile.[16]

In 2014, thanks to poor road conditions, speeding, high blood alcohol level, distracted driving and failure to use seat belts, loser America had 32,675 road fatalities.

Losers Everywhere

It’s the same losing story in any direction you look in America.

Truth be told, the American people have turned into the United States of Losers who get their kicks by tormenting and bullying small nations like Syria, Iran, Cuba, Haiti, Grenada, North Korea and Libya.

Kim, what else but a losing streak can you expect from a nation where 61% of the people still express belief in the Devil. A mere 22% of Americans do not believe in Hell.[17]

American losers are like the Soviet serial killer Citizen X (Andrei Chikatilo), a big time loser at home and work, who killed vulnerable children and young women in anger over his weakness.[18]

In tragic America, loser cops and prosecutors use a drug testing kit that often produces false positives. As a result, tens of thousands of innocent people lose their dignity and freedom when they’re arrested and thrown into jail for no fault of theirs.[19]

It’s the bizarre nature of American politics that a famous loser businessman Donald Trump tacitly acknowledged the nation’s losing streak and promised his White fan base at a campaign rally in Albany,  “We’re going to win so much you may even get tired of winning. And you’ll say, please, please, it’s too much winning. We can’t take it any more. And I’ll say, No it isn’t.”[20]

Ha ha ha, catch these face-stuffing American bozos winning at anything.

Ain’t gonna happen ever.

Not All Losers

Wait, Kim.

It’s not all bad news.

American losers do fare well on a few things.

America is the unbeatable #1 in police brutality and paying millions in compensation to victims and/or their families, #1 in military expenditure, #1 in school and college shootings, #1 in gun violence, #1 in outsourcing, #1 in molesting children at schools, #1 in tit jobs and clit jobs, #1 in nipple rings and nose rings and #1 in weapons exports.

Yes, Cash for Gold, Car Title Loan and Dollar stores are sprouting all over the nation.

Yes, America ranks #1 in corporate largesse too.

After all, America exists only for the welfare of its giant corporations. The people losers be damned.

Karma Gospel Notes

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